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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Robertson Says He’ll Always Be ‘Amazed By the Great Outdoors’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Jason Davis/FilmMagic)

On Thursday night, everyone’s favorite Duck Dynasty uncle, Si Robertson, posted about his newest podcast episode while sharing a hilarious photo about the great outdoors.

“Duck Call Room” podcast No. 79 released earlier tonight. The guys spoke about numerous amusing subjects, as they always do in their time together. For example, Uncle Si told the story of convincing a waitress that he’s homeless. Godwin talks about meeting a fan at a gas station who gives him a gift. The four podcasters each pick their wrestling entrance theme songs. Additionally, Robertson shares some great stories and cool facts about the animal kingdom.

The last topic is what the Duck Dynasty star focused on with his most recent Instagram post. While promoting the new podcast episode, he shared a photo with four “fine-tuned killing machines” in it. The guys got caught up in Uncle Si’s fascination with all things nature. He told a story of watching a fox while in Germany, which he called it “hilarious to watch.” He then went on to talk about owls and hawks and even more predators of the animal kingdom.

As one might guess, three of the four pictures Robertson shared were of animals the group talked about. There’s a great white shark, an owl, and a fox. But the fourth photo might be the scariest killing machine of all – Si Robertson himself.

“God’s creation is full of fine-tuned killing machines,” the Duck Dynasty star wrote on Instagram. “I’ll never stop being amazed by the great outdoors. Check out the new Duck Call Room, and prepare to have your mind blown! Link in bio.”

Make sure to check out “Duck Call Room” No. 79 on YouTube or any of your favorite podcast platforms.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Goes On ‘Priceless’ Hunting Trip

Uncle Si’s podcast releases two episodes per week under normal circumstances. Earlier this week, on Episode 78, the Duck Dynasty star and his podcast crew spoke about a recent hunting trip. Robertson and two of his extended family members had great success while hunting deer on their outing.

Duck Commander employee Jay Stone joined the podcast for the episode. He’s married into the Robertson family. Stone tied the knot years back to Phil and Kay Robertson‘s oldest granddaughter, Anna. He recently took his young daughter on the deer hunting excursion and he invited Uncle Si as well.

In a photo Robertson posted to Instagram on Tuesday, Stone and his daughter are seen with their hunting bounties. Both the father and daughter each bagged a huge buck during their hunt. The guys share all the details of their hunt, which Robertson called “priceless.” You can watch the podcast on YouTube here.

“A girl, a dad, and an uncle hunting together is priceless. You just can’t put a price on the fun we had,” the Duck Dynasty star captioned his Instagram post.