‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Robertson Proclaims He’s ‘Everyone’s Adopted Uncle’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

If you ask Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson, he will say that he’s your adopted uncle. He says that he is everybody’s adopted uncle.

We all know and love Si Robertson, there’s no question about that. The man who goes by “Uncle Si” spent years making the entire country laugh as a part of Duck Dynasty. He was without a doubt one of the fan-favorite characters on the A&E reality show which graced our television screens from 2012 until 2017.

However, Uncle Si is more than just his character on Duck Dynasty. He’s also a retired reed maker for duck-call at Duck Commander. And to add to the list, Robertson is also the voice of his very own podcast. You may have heard of it, it’s called the Duck Call Room. The most recent episode of the podcast aired last week on YouTube, and there were tons of great moments as there usually are. One of the best, though, was when Uncle Si told the world that he is everyone’s adopted uncle.

“Everybody’s got ‘that’ Uncle,'” fellow Duck Call Room host Justin Martin says in the video. “Everybody’s got a Si.”

“I don’t have that uncle by the way. Well, I guess I have this one,” John-David Owen says as he points to Si. “

“You’ve got an adopted one,” Martin explains. “And he’s right there beside you.”

“I’m adopted by everybody!” Uncle Si says proudly with a smile.

Want to watch the hilarious video for yourself? Check out the Duck Dynasty star’s official Instagram account down below:

“It’s official: @sirobertson is EVERYBODY’S adopted uncle! Watch Uncle Si on the latest Duck Call Room on YouTube. Link in bio!”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Consider Si Robertson an Uncle

Fans of Duck Dynasty, meanwhile, already knew and considered Si Robertson an uncle whether he knew it or not.

“I’ve been saying this for years!” one fan replied. “Love you Uncle Si!!!

Another fan used an often-used quote from Si Robertson in his own comment saying, “You got that right Jack!”

And finally, a different follower commented saying what we have all been thinking this whole time.

“He’s definitely the coolest uncle anyone could ever have,” they said.

But what exactly makes Si Robertson such a great uncle figure? Well, he had to have earned the name “Uncle Si” one way or another, right? He explained in a previous episode of Duck Call Room what makes him so lovable.

“Duck Dynasty’ arrives on the scene, and the fans actually told me what I’m good at. Blowing smoke and making people laugh. Hey, it only took me 65 years to figure it out, okay? And I have the ‘Duck Dynasty’ fans to thank for that.”