‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Robertson Reveals the Best Part of the Show

by Quentin Blount

What do you think the best part of Duck Dynasty is? If you ask Uncle Si Robertson, it’s not the beards, the bandanas, or any of the wild adventures. It’s how close it helped him grow in his relationship with God.

At this point, just about everyone knows who Si Robertson is — otherwise known as “Uncle Si”. He is one of the guys who spent 11 seasons making the entire country laugh as a part of the Duck Dynasty cast. The fan-favorite reality television series aired on A&E from 2012 until 2017. Robertson is also a retired reed maker for duck-call at Duck Commander.

His time under the bright lights didn’t end with Duck Dynasty, though. Robertson went on to make appearances in other shows like the Outdoor Channel’s Buck Commander and The Duckmen of Louisana. He was also the host of the Duck Dynasty spin-off Going Si-Ral and made a guest appearance alongside Tim Allen on Last Man Standing.

More than that, however, Uncle Si also has his own podcast nowadays. It’s called the Duck Call Room and on Thursday evening, the Duck Dynasty star shared a clip from the most recent episode of the podcast. In it, he talks about how his time on the insanely popular show helped strengthen his faith in God.

“The show Duck Dynasty, the thing that was most important from the show that I’ve got is that it strengthened my faith that God, the father, his son Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior, and the holy spirit, are alive and well,” Uncle Si says in the clip. “And they are doing the most amazing things with the most unlikely people. Yours truly.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Has Always Been Open About His Faith

If you still follow along with Uncle Si Robertson and the rest of the Duck Dynasty crew, then you know all too well that having a strong faith is a core value of their entire family. Uncle Si, particularly, has always been open about being a Christian. It’s one of the things he is most proud of.

“That’s what got me through 65 years of life, my belief in God and what he’s done for us and what he will do for us,” Robertson said in a previous podcast.

He has even shared a couple of his favorite scripture verses with his fans. The two at the very top are John 3:16 and 17.

“When I sign people’s stuff I put down John 3:16 and 17,” he said. “Most people can tell you what 16 says, OK. ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.’ but they don’t know nothin’ about 17. It says Jesus didn’t come to condemn us. If anybody had a right to condemn someone, it would be the son of God. If he didn’t do it, then hey, we definitely are not qualified to do it.”