‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Hilariously Reveals What He’s Thankful For

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images)

It’s the holiday season, and we all have our own way of celebrating during this time of year. The star of Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson, had his own way of spreading some holiday cheer this week on his personal Instagram page.

In the post, you will find two pictures from Willie. The Duck Dynasty star is thankful for dear for a different reason than you might expect.

Willie appears to have nabbed himself a buck and made himself some sort of a stew, and, man it looks tasty. Willie wrote for the caption, “Thankful for deer in many ways.”

One fan wrote in celebration, “Oh my word that looks delicious!!! You guys should make a cookbook.”

Another wrote, “Looks great Willie happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.”

Sadie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Celebrates Anniversary

Willie is not the only member of the Robertson clan who is in the mood for celebrating these days. The family certainly has a lot to be thankful for and grateful for. Sadie Robertson, who recently became a mother herself, also took to Instagram to celebrate. Her reason was for the two-year anniversary with her husband.

The two photos Sadie shared, one of her and her husband her daughter, the other was a throwback photo to her wedding day with her sweet husband. It was a beautiful photo of the family and got all the Duck Dynasty fans in their feels for the happy couple and their daughter.

Their anniversary actually falls on Thanksgiving, funny enough. Sadie wrote on her own Instagram post, “our anniversary on thanksgiving… very very fitting. I’m so thankful for you Christian Huff and the family we have!” Isn’t that something, Outsiders? to share your big day with a day all about giving thanks. Their anniversary is another cool way of being able to share in that sort of gratitude. It is a beautiful thing to be sure.

She continued, “Two years and our hearts have grown. Our love has expanded. Our faith has risen, Our joy has strengthened, Our world has been rocked in the best way by an angel named Honey.”

Sadie had a really sweet message about the day and how the couple has changed over the years. First, it was just the two of them, but now it is the happy couple and their daughter Honey. This was a really thoughtful message from Sadie with a really beautiful note to not only celebrate the couple’s anniversary but all they have to be thankful for, including their precious daughter Honey. Sadie concluded, “Gosh, I can’t wait to see what the next two look like and then the 70 after that!” A precious message from the Duck Dynasty star all around.