‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Remembers Dusty Hill of ZZ Top: ‘Our Beards Bowed Down’

by Chris Haney

On Thursday, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson opened up about the loss of his good friend and ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill who passed away on July 28.

Robertson spoke about his bearded brother with FOX News recently. He said his friend’s death took him back to the last time they got to hang out. The Duck Commander CEO attended ZZ Top’s 50th-anniversary show that just so happened to be Hill’s 70th birthday party as well. The event was about two years ago, but Robertson has been connected to Hill and ZZ Top for much longer.

In fact, Willie and the Robertson family got to meet the band years ago. They come from the same general area of the country – the Duck Dynasty crew from Monroe, Louisiana and ZZ Top from Houston, Texas. The celebrities shared multiple connections as they got to know each other, and they even had the band on their reality show in Season 11.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Gives Credit Where Credit is Due

The Boss Hog himself shared just how far back his connection with the band goes. He’s been listening to ZZ Top for years. In fact, Willie revealed that he and his wife Korie Robertson‘s first concert was to a ZZ Top show. We can safely assume a young Willie Robertson didn’t ever think he’d one day be friends with Dusty Hill.

However, life works in mysterious ways. The Duck Dynasty star eventually befriended the members of ZZ Top and even had them on his own show. Additionally, Robertson also gives credit where credit is due since the band has sported the long beards far before he and his family.

“Our beards bowed down when we got in their presence because they had been running that look way longer than we had, that’s for sure,” Robertson said to FOX News.

“When I was with them a couple of years ago, they were heading off to Europe to play for like two months or something. It was crazy. And I was thinking at the time, not a lot of people have their 70th birthday and then take off to Europe to keep working and keep doing what they love to do,” the Duck Dynasty star continued. “And it’s just a tribute to him and their lives, their passion and what they had. They had something good and they kept it together, kept the look, kept everything.”

ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill Passes Away at Age 72

On Wednesday, Dusty Hill died while at home in Houston, Texas, according to TMZ. The outlet also reported that the musician recently suffered from a hip-related issue. The band had to pause their current tour because of his health problem to give him time to seek treatment.

ZZ Top shared details about Hill’s hip problem in a July 23rd Facebook message. The band revealed that the bassist flew back to Houston to get help for his hip issue.

“The members of ZZ Top, Billy, and Frank, would like to share that Dusty, their fearless Bass player, is on a short detour back to Texas to address a hip issue,” the Facebook post read. “They await a speedy recovery and have him back pronto.”

Further, the band quickly got back on the road and continued their tour. ZZ Top’s guitar tech Elwood Francis who’s worked with the band for two decades filled in on the bass. Hill himself told the other members that they needed to move forward with the tour. According to Hill’s own words, “the show must go on.”