‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Reveals the First Concert He Brought Wife Korie To Was ZZ Top

by Quentin Blount

Who would have ever guessed that the very first concert Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Korie Robertson went to together was a ZZ Top concert? That will no doubt be a memory the two hold dear to them for the rest of their lives.

The world lost another music icon last week. Dusty Hill, the bassist for ZZ Top, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 72. Willie Robertson sat down recently with Fox News to talk about the loss of his friend. He told them that not only was he a die-hard ZZ Top fan, he even took his wife, Korie, to one of their shows.

That connection would go on to become a friendship, however. After he and his family met the band, Robertson talked about working on an episode of Duck Dynasty together. That highlight took place during Season 11 of the popular A&E reality show.

“I was a big fan and grew up listening to their stuff, and then just getting to know those guys were really great,” he said. “He definitely connected to [the Robertson family]. That was our opening song. So, a lot of cool things we had going with that. We didn’t know what the theme song was going to be. When they said, ‘Sharp Dressed Man,’ I was like, ‘man that’s outstanding.'”

The Duck Dynasty star believes that his family shares one thing in common with the members of ZZ Top. And that’s how each of them came out of nowhere.

“I think we shared with them something similar in that we kind of came from generally the same area and kind of came out of nowhere,” Robertson explained. “We just do what we love to do.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Pays Tribute to Iconic ZZ Top Look

It’s only fitting that one of the first things Willie Robertson did in the wake of Dusty Hill’s death was to pay tribute to Hill and ZZ Top’s glorious beards. Robertson, who has a pretty awesome beard himself, credits the band for starting the iconic look.

“Our beards bowed down when we got in their presence because they had been running that look way longer than we had, that’s for sure,” Robertson said.

Not only have they had the look longer than him, but Robertson also explained one other thing that impressed him the most about Dusty Hill and ZZ Top. And that was how they always kept the look and stayed true to who they were.

“When I was with them a couple of years ago, they were heading off to Europe to play for like two months or something, it was crazy. And I was thinking at the time, not a lot of people have their 70th birthday and then take off to Europe to keep working and keep doing what they love to do. And it’s just a tribute to him and their lives, their passion, and what they had. They had something good and they kept it together, kept the look, kept everything.”