‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Posts Hilarious Video ‘Working the Front Desk’ of the Duck Commander Warehouse

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson took over the reception area of the Duck Commander warehouse and hilariously answered a phone call.

The Duck Commander CEO decided to take a break from being the boss hog. Instead, he decided to work the front desk for a change. It’s likely safe to assume this will be a one-time deal before he heads back to his normal duties of running his family company.

However, it made for an amusing social media moment. In the video, Robertson takes a phone call and answers the caller’s question about Duck Commander’s hours.

“Duck Commander. Uhhhhh, yea, we’re open. What time you thinking you’ll be here?” he asks as he answers a customer’s question.

You can hear a female customer asking about their hours the following day. She wanted to double-check that they would still be open during normal business hours because of COVID precautions.

“Oh, no no, we’re open. 9-5. Yep, 9-5. Thank you. Alright, bye,” Willie Robertson said as he successfully answered her question with a little help. He didn’t seem to know the warehouse hours, but he got an assist from presumably another employee.

As he hangs up, Robertson shares a laugh with a couple others nearby. For one, it’s a funny sight to see the boss taking care of mundane phone questions. Additionally, the customer calling is likely a fan of Duck Dynasty and didn’t seem to realize she was speaking to Willie Robertson himself. If she follows him on Instagram, she’ll be in for a surprise when she sees her phone call amusingly played out for his 542,000 followers.

“Working the @duckcommanderwarehouse front desk this afternoon. Come see us!” Willie Robertson jokingly wrote on Instagram.

Willie Robertson Shows Off His Man Cave

Previous to his most recent “front desk” post, Willie Robertson shared a hysterical tour of his man cave. The Duck Dynasty star showed off some of his prized possessions with his followers during the hilarious video.

Robertson opens up his tour by claiming he hates social media. He says he’s not even on Facebook. However, his assistant, Johnny D, hilariously corrects him.

“You just posted [on Facebook],” Johnny D says with a laugh. “You love Facebook, you have 2.7 million followers. How can you say you’re not on it?”

“Alright, so I am on Facebook,” Robertson begrudgingly admits.

The Buck Commander star then proceeds to show his fans an extremely heavy hammer and a small, wooden model car he bought in Cuba. Next, Robertson breaks out a large sword even though he has no idea where it came from.

“This is cool. I have no idea where I got this from,” Robertson says as he has trouble unsheathing the sword. “Johnny D, come receive your vasectomy!”

“I already got my vasectomy,” Johnny D responds.

After the duo finishes messing around, Willie Robertson says they have to get back to work. He didn’t give much of a tour of his man cave, but it sounds like he’s planning to reveal more of it in the near future. So stay tuned. At a minimum, it’ll be worth the laugh.