‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Get Up to Hilarious ‘Game Night’ Shenanigans in New ‘At Home with the Robertsons’

by Keeli Parkey

Anyone familiar with the television show “Duck Dynasty” is very aware that the famous Robertson family knows how to have a good time. Well, a good time might be putting it mildly.

Thanks to a recent Instagram video, fans can see the Robertson clan having a good time. They are certainly sharing many laughs together.

Korie Robertson posted the video on her social media account. She, as fans will know, is the wife of Willie Robertson. Willie is one of the sons of the Robertson’s family patriarch Phil Robertson.

The video shows “Ducky Dynasty” stars Willie and Korie Robertson sitting in a living room around a table with their loved ones. Willie is holding a mobile phone up to this forehead.

Before the so-called game begins, Willie shares some details about the game with his family. “I thought it would be fun if we played a game where we actually see if we can recognize animal noises,” Willie says.

His suggestion is intriguing to his “Duck Dynasty” family, based on their reactions.

The video also includes a clip of star Willie Robertson talking about the time he spends with his family.

“We love our family time. And, one of the things we always do when we get together as a family is play a game,” Willie says in the video shared by Korie.

When Gathered Together, Members of ‘Duck Dynasty Family Enjoy Playing Games

According to the Instagram video, the game is called “The Robertson’s Amazing Animal Sounds Game (And Some Gestures).”

To play the game, one family member holds a mobile phone against his or her forehead. What that family member can’t see is the name of an animal. The rest of the players can see the name. And, based on Korie’s video, the other family members mimic how that animal behaves. The person holding the phone is tasked with naming the animal being acted out by the other.

In addition to Willie, other Robertson family members participate in the game. They are tasked with guessing creatures such as donkey, anaconda, dragonfly, coyote, and octopus.

In the video, Willie Robertson holds the phone up to his head with “Polar Bear” on the display. So, his family members do their best impressions of a polar bear. Next, Willie is tasked with guessing a turkey. Once again, his family is animated and excited as they do their best impressions of that game bird. Willie is also tasked with guessing the club “bobcat” based on his family’s sounds and actions. Thanks to some clever gameplay, he is also able to name the animal they are describing.

You can watch Korie Robertson’s video of her “Duck Dynasty” family’s game night shenanigans here. It will undoubtedly make you smile and laugh. And, you just might want to play the game with your own family. If not you can enjoy your time watching “At Home With the Robertsons.”