‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Korie and Willie Robertson Relive Their ‘Glory Days’ with Grandkids in Their Bed

by Jon D. B.

Duck Dynasty vets Korie and Willie Robertson have so much to be thankful for, and these throwbacks with their grandbabies piled up in bed are certainly among them!

“Just over here re-living our glory days,” shares Korie Robertson to her Instagram Wednesday. It’s one of her best posts in recent memory, as the former reality show star shares an absolutely precious throwback with husband and Duck Dynasty icon Willie “Boss Hog” Robertson.

@realwilliebosshog remember back in 2002 when we would wake up with 4 in bed with us?!? Our family rule was everyone had to start out in their own bed, but if they woke up in the middle of the night they could come climb in mom and dad’s bed,” Korie continues. “Many mornings we woke up with babies and kids covering every square inch, arms and legs everywhere… we loved every snuggle!”

How could you not? Look at these faces! Check out Korie Robertson’s throwback shots courtesy of her official Instagram right here:

“What’s your family sleep situation, do you let the kiddos sleep with you or is mom and dads bed off limits? No right or wrong answer here, whatever works for your fam!!” Korie asks followers alongside the shots.

“Baby 1 and 2 NO. They were not allowed in our bed. Baby 3…who cares,” replies Duck Dynasty fan Heather. By her third child, she says “All bets are off. He eats old Cheetos off the floor for breakfast and climbs into our bed every night around 2am… AND WE LOVE IT.”

“We have the same rule and I secretly love when they sneak in,” echoes mom Whitney. “Sometimes I hear their hurried footsteps coming!”

‘Duck Dynasty Family’ In Love with Newest Grandbaby, Honey James Huff

One follower, however, had branded herself a “Mean Mom” – even though Korie Robertson clearly says there’s no right or wrong answers!

“Mean Mom here, but off limits,” says follower Lacey of her kids entering her bed. “I’m nicer during the day when I’ve slept… I even attempted it a couple rough nights but neither of mine would sleep- they think it’s play time! Thankfully, my 6 and 3 year old have always been good sleepers in their OWN beds.”

To each their own! “Protect the marriage bed! Mom and dad bed is off limits!” echoes fan Anna. Definitely merits to both viewpoints, for sure.

Meanwhile, these two precious Duck Dynasty grandparents are absolutely smitten with their newest grandbaby, Honey James Huff. On Monday, Korie , shared some of the cutest shots of Honey yet.

Within, we see Honey with her grandfather Willie – a.k.a. “Dubs” – as he sparks the biggest of smiles in the tiny nugget. “Might be risking breaking the internet with the cuteness in these pics but had to share,” Korie captions the sweet shots.

Check out the post for yourself with your fellow Outsiders right here, Duck Dynasty fans.