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‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Speak Out About National Anthem Kneeling Protests

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage)

Duck Dynasty stars Korie and Willie Robertson tackled a controversial subject recently when they invited three NFL players to discuss kneeling protests during the national anthem.

Although it can be a very divisive subject, the Robertsons faced it head on in the latest episode of their new show. At Home with the Robertsons welcomed former running back Arian Foster, former long snapper and Army Green Beret Nate Boyer, and current defensive back Michael Thomas to open up a dialogue about protests within sports.

Korie Robertson acknowledged that people have strong opinions on the topic. However, she posted on Instagram saying how important it is to listen to one another, even when you disagree. The Duck Dynasty star says these tough conversations are vital. She thinks they’ll help bring people together and build unity in our country.

“I read a comment that said ‘Willie and Korie have seriously misread their audience.’ Actually, we knew very well that these would be hard conversations,” Korie Robertson posted on Instagram. “But we believe that the way to unity in our country is not through picking sides and only talking to people who agree, look and think just like you, but through sitting at the table and truly listening to one another.”

“I hope you’ll watch the whole way through even if it’s hard, even if you disagree,” she continued. “It’s okay if you do! I don’t think any of us there had exactly the same views on everything. We all disagreed at one point or another, and that’s the beauty of it! We are hearing what the other has to say. It’s so important!

“We ended the night around the table covering everything from family, God, food, careers, faith, marriage, kids, growing old…life!” Robertson concluded.

Their conversation will play out over the next two episodes, which air today (Tuesday) and Thursday on Facebook Watch.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars’ Daughter Speaks Out on Dealing with Racism

Two weeks ago, At Home with the Robertsons tackled another tough subject that hit close to home. The Duck Dynasty stars’ adopted daughter, Rebecca Robertson Loflin, who is of Taiwanese descent, opened up about dealing with racism.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rebecca has faced racism directed at her because of her Asian heritage. The 32-year-old opened up about her painful experiences in a previous episode of the show.

Rebecca revealed an incident that occurred at a local restaurant while she was out to dinner with her family. While enjoying a meal with her husband, John Reed Loflin, and their 2-year-old son, Zane Israel, an acquaintance made some mean-spirited jokes straight to her face and in front of her family.

“Someone that we know came over – an acquaintance of John Reed’s. And he just came over and was like, ‘John Reed, you’re so lucky because your wife and kid are Chinese. You can just send them to the grocery store to get toilet paper because everyone would just run away from them,’” Rebecca recalled. “That was the beginning of quarantine when we were all out of toilet paper or whatever.”

“He thought that was like a funny joke. But it really wasn’t funny because, first of all, we’re not Chinese,” she added. “Again, you know, I think it’s just people kind of being ignorant and they don’t think that’s racist.”