‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Willie & Korie Robertson Compete in Wrestling Match in New Show

by Chris Haney

During an upcoming episode of Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Korie Robertson‘s new show, the couple hilariously take each other on in a wrestling match.

In an exclusive sneak peek of At Home With the Robertsons, the couple are joined by former WWE star Thea Trinidad – who also went by Zelina Vega during her WWE career. Trinidad helped the Robertsons through a one-on-one wrestling match while providing commentary and acting as a referee.

In the Facebook clip, the high school sweethearts circle each other while talking trash to one another. The show even spiced it up with some cool graphics that made it look like the Robertsons were in actual WWE costumes. In addition, Willie even blew out some random fireballs, albeit digitally superimposed fireballs.

“You didn’t tell me I was taking on any middle aged moms. I’m really scared of that!” Willie taunted his wife.

“When this middle aged mom puts you in a headlock, you’re gonna be… yea,” Korie responded.

The Duck Dynasty star could use some pointers on her trash-talking from Trinidad. However, Korie was all business on the wrestling mat. As the couple grappled and locked arms, she took Willie to the ground. Next, Korie jumped on Willie’s back and put him in a headlock as promised. Although the clip comes to an end, it looks like Korie got the better of Willie this round.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars New Show Opens Important Dialogue

The Duck Dynasty stars’ new show has plenty of lighthearted, fun segments like previously mentioned. Yet so far they haven’t shied away from tackling tougher subjects as well. During an episode that aired two weeks ago, they opened up on a particularly controversial subject.

Willie and Korie Robertson recently when invited three NFL players to discuss kneeling protests during the national anthem. Although it can be a very divisive subject, the Robertsons faced it head-on. At Home with the Robertsons welcomed former running back Arian Foster, former long snapper and Army Green Beret Nate Boyer, and current defensive back Michael Thomas to share their experiences and thoughts about protests within sports.

Korie Robertson acknowledged that people have strong opinions on the topic. But she posted on Instagram emphasizing how important it is to listen to each other, even when you disagree. The Duck Dynasty star says these tough conversations are vital. She thinks they’ll help bring people together while also helping rebuild unity in our country.

“I read a comment that said ‘Willie and Korie have seriously misread their audience.’ Actually, we knew very well that these would be hard conversations,” Korie Robertson posted on Instagram. “But we believe that the way to unity in our country is not through picking sides and only talking to people who agree, look and think just like you, but through sitting at the table and truly listening to one another.”

“I hope you’ll watch the whole way through even if it’s hard, even if you disagree,” she continued. “It’s okay if you do! I don’t think any of us there had exactly the same views on everything. We all disagreed at one point or another, and that’s the beauty of it! We are hearing what the other has to say. It’s so important!

“We ended the night around the table covering everything from family, God, food, careers, faith, marriage, kids, growing old…life!” Robertson concluded.

New episodes of At Home with the Robertsons air each Tuesday and Thursday on Facebook Watch.