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‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Willie, Korie Robertson Introduce ‘Newest Member of Their Family’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“Duck Dynasty” stars Willie and Korie Robertson are welcoming the newest member of their family. No, Sadie hasn’t given birth to their grandchild yet. Instead, the couple introduced fans to their new dog Edward.

On Instagram, Kori posted photos of the couple beaming with their new pet, which they picked up at the airport. Wearing face masks, the couple posed for a picture. Kori captioned the post with, “Meet the newest member of our fam #edward.”

She also included several pictures of the puppy interacting with the Robertson family. In the post, she explained she found the puppy through a friend that fosters animals.

 “@realwilliebosshog and I picking him up from the airport,” Korie wrote. “(we found him through a friend who was fostering him in another state) (also I have no idea where I’m looking in this selfie pic, but it’s the memory, so posting anyway, ha!)”

Willie and Korie Robertson Introduce the Puppy to the Rest of the Family

She introduced the puppy to both her son, who appears more than happy to greet the new pet.

“We surprised @willrob.jr for his birthday, it was so much fun! (he’s always wanted a big dog and this little guy is a great Pyrenees and husky mix, he’s going to be big!)” Korie wrote. “His legs are getting so long and he sleeps everywhere so I feel like we have a middle schooler in the house again.”

Finally, the Robertsons allowed Edward to play with one of the youngest members of the family: baby Shep. Shep is the couple’s grandson, the son of John Luke and his wife Mary Kate. The two leaned over playing with another family pet.

Korie wrote, “Puppies and babies are the cutest! Edward and Shep learning a new skill together.”