‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Willie and Korie Robertson Reveal Plans For New Talk Show

by Josh Lanier

Willie and Korie Robertson are launching a new show on Facebook. The Duck Dynasty couple announced they’ll star in At Home with the Robertsons and released a trailer for it.

The show seems half reality show, half talk show. Each week, the couple will bring a celebrity guest into their home for a “day of Southern hospitality.” There will also be a follow-up show later in the week.

According to People, some of the guests include Bachelorette Hannah Brown, former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and his wife, South African model Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, and Love and Hip Hop‘s Yandy Smith-Harris and Mendeecees Harris.

The trailer includes all you’d expect from the Robertsons. Big family meals, big laughs, and duck hunting. But adding in sit-down discussions with “big talk” seems an interesting wrinkle in the formula.

They seemingly do get into some serious conversations with their guests. In the trailer, Korie Robertson asks Tebow why he abstained from sex before marriage. He says it was a struggle. And Smith-Harris starts a frank discussion about race in America, also. One guest, who is an ethical vegan, cooks a vegan meal for the famously carnivorous family.

At Home with the Robertsons launches Monday, April 5, at noon EST on Facebook. The Monday episodes will feature the celebrity guest. A second episode will be released on Thursdays where the Robertson family will gather together to discuss what they learned during Monday’s show.

Expect several of the Duck Dynasty clan to also be in the episodes. Sadie Robertson-Huff and Uncle Si are confirmed to appear, but others will also show up.

Willie Robertson Talks Best Advice He Was Given

Uncle Si’s poor work ethic wasn’t a product of Duck Dynasty’s producers. He’s always been that lazy at work. In fact, Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander almost fired his uncle.

He explained why he decided to keep Si, a “diamond in the real rough,” on his daughter’s, Whoa That’s Good Podcast.

Willie said he went to his dad Phil, former CEO of the company, and said they needed to let Si go. Si was supposed to make the thin wooden reeds for their famous duck calls, but he was spending most of his time sleeping on the couch or talking to other employees. He was a terrible employee, Willie said.

But Phil urged patience.

“Phil said, ‘Si makes the reeds,’ when he’s awake, ‘No one else wants to make the reeds. Just leave him alone, he’ll be fine,” Willie recalled.

While said he was initially annoyed he’d have to put up with Si’s bad work ethic, Willie said it turned out to be “one of the best of pieces of advice I got.”

The reason was that this was before Duck Dynasty. Uncle Si was one of the break-out stars of the show. Had Willie fired him then, he wouldn’t have later seen Si’s potential as a TV star. Willie Robertson said he didn’t know if the show would have been as popular without Si being such an integral piece.