‘Duck Dynasty’: Uncle Si Robertson Reveals the ‘One Difference’ Between Him and Jase

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Michael Stewart/FilmMagic)

Not everyone is the same in every family. Some differences are larger than others. For example, Uncle Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty recently revealed a key difference between him and Jase. Sure, the two have a lot in common, but they’re not the same person.

The difference? For Si to get involved, there needs to be fun involved. For Jase? That does not need to be the case.

Si posted the clip to his personal Instagram page where he wrote, “Everyone says me and Jase are a lot alike, but there’s one difference. If I can’t have fun, I ain’t coming along. Jase is, well, he’s just the opposite. Y’all tell my nephew I’m having fun no matter what! We always have fun on the new @duckcallroom.”

Folks loved the segment on the Duck Dynasty star’s Instagram. One fan wrote, “Love you and the podcast Si.”

Another wrote, “You go on ahead SI and have fun. Life is too short. God Bless.”

Uncle Si’s Catchphrase on ‘Duck Dynasty’

Where did Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty get that catchy catchphrase, huh? Well, Outsiders, he talked to GQ about that very question where he said, “Look, we’ve asked that question, because I asked, “Hey, when did it ever start? When did I start it?” And nobody knows the answer to it, OK? But I know one thing: Everybody’s saying it. I’ve even got Phil saying it every once in a while. He keeps doing it, and when we tell him, he says, “Naw, I didn’t say it.” It slips out, OK, because everybody’s saying it. You do it unconsciously.”

Nobody knows. It was something that just kind of happened and it picked up. It wasn’t planned or anything as they tell it. It’s not just the catchphrase that catches people’s attention when it comes to Uncle Si. This is also his tea conglomeration. It’s widely known at this point that Si of Duck Dynasty drinks a lot of tea, but how much and how does he do it?

The Duck Dynasty star told GQ, “Look here: You get three family packs of tea, OK, your choice. You put it in about a quart of water, OK, and put it in a microwave for six minutes. Then you let it sit for like twenty minutes, OK, to steep. And then put it in a gallon of water. Hey, then, you carry it everywhere you go, OK? I’m like a fine-tuned race car. You’ve got to make frequent pit stops when you drink as much tea as I do.”

There you have it. After doing it so many times, it’s become second nature for Si, which is just another aspect that makes him as hilarious as he is on Duck Dynasty.