‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Robertson Tips His Hat To Our Nation’s Veterans

by Quentin Blount

Uncle Si and the boys are giving a Duck Dynasty salute to all of the United States military members now, in the past, and in the future.

Just about everyone knows and loves the man known as “Uncle Si.” Si Robertson starred on the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty from 2012 until 2017. During that time, Uncle Si made us all laugh. He has without a doubt become one of the most beloved people in the country since that time.

With that said, Uncle Si is more than just a character on Duck Dynasty. You may recall that he is a retired reed maker for duck-call at Duck Commander. In addition to that, Robertson is also the voice of his own podcast called, Duck Call Room. The most recent episode of the podcast was posted to YouTube on Thursday. There were a ton of great moments in the episode as there usually are. If you have never checked out Duck Call Room before, we highly recommend doing so.

Thursday’s episode is titled, “Uncle Si is FED UP With America’s Entitlement”. In it, Uncle Si and the boys honor our nation’s veterans. They also tell war stories that not many people have heard before. Co-host Jay Stone recalled his grandfather telling him about storming the beaches of Normandy.

The official Instagram account for the Duck Call Room podcast posted a clip from the episode shortly after it aired.

“My hat is off to all of those that have worn our nation’s uniform,” Uncle Si says in the clip. “I’ve said it before, making a video for Memorial Day and all this, you are my heroes.”

Alongside the video, Duck Call Room writes, “Thank you, veterans, from the bottom of our hearts. Your service to this country means more than words can say. Happy Veterans Day, heroes!”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Give Shoutouts to Military Members on Veterans Day

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to Duck Dynasty fans that Si Robertson is tipping his hat to our nation’s veterans. As a matter of fact, Uncle Si had his own military career. He was drafted into the United States military to join the Vietnam War soon after he dropped out of Louisana Tech University. 1993, he retired from the military having achieved the rank of sergeant.

As a result, Duck Dynasty fans made sure to wish Robertson a Happy Veterans Day as well.

“Happy Veterans Day Si!!” one fan commented.

“Happy Veterans Day!! Thank you Uncle Si for your service!” another person said.

“Thank you Uncle Si! Very grateful, we salute you!” a third fan wrote.

You can watch the new episode of Duck Call Room here.