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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Robertson Tries Unsuccessfully To ‘Travel in Disguise’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway)

On Thursday night, Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson shared a hilarious post of himself in “disguise.” The only problem is, it didn’t work at all.

Everyone’s favorite crazy uncle is back with another edition of his “Duck Call Room” podcast. He and others in the Duck Dynasty family share updates and funny anecdotes about their day-to-day lives twice a week. Per usual, Uncle Si is always up to something, and this week is no different.

During “Duck Call Room” Episode 77, the crew talked about Uncle Si’s terrible disguise when traveling by plane. When at the airport, Robertson likes to go incognito. Therefore he typically wears a sweatshirt, a hat, and a mask so that most of his face and head are covered. However, there are a couple major flaws in his disguise.

As he amusingly jokes in an Instagram post, his “icy stare” and eyebrows give him away every time. We’re sure his trademark beard and signature cup of iced tea doesn’t help either. The reality TV star made sure to share a photo of himself in full “disguise” while at the airport recently for his more than 100,000 Instagram fans and followers. Although he’s covered up, it’s clear as day it’s Uncle Si behind all that camouflage and a mask.

“I try to travel in disguise, but that icy stare and those eyebrows give me away every time,” Si Robertson joked.

“Want to know why they called me Psycho Si way back before the Duck Dynasty days? Watch this episode, boys!” he added.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Passes Time at the Airport by Singing

In addition to his airport disguise, Uncle Si also shared his favorite way of passing the time before catching his flight. A few weeks ago, the Duck Dynasty star posted a couple of short clips that captured him singing out loud while waiting near his airplane’s gate.

He shared two videos someone caught of him lying down leaned against a terminal window. Uncle Si has headphones on snapping his fingers and singing along to some of his favorite tunes. The man doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. There’s more of the same in the second clip.

“That’s just me being me! The boys at the airport got a free show from yours truly,” Uncle Si said on Instagram. “I didn’t know anyone was watching me or recording me. But ask me if I care, Jack!”

You’ve got to admit, it must be nice to live that carefree. Granted it didn’t look like there were many passengers nearby at the same airport terminal. But still, the man was clearly enjoying himself and it didn’t matter who heard him. Never stop being you, Uncle Si.