‘Duck Dynasty’: Why Willie Robertson Didn’t Follow in Dad’s Footsteps by Playing Football

by Chris Haney

In a 2018 interview, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson opened up about why he didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps by playing football.

Willie’s dad, Phil Robertson, was an all-state high school athlete in football, baseball, and track before his signature long-bearded days. In the 1960s, he became the starting quarterback for Louisiana Tech during the football team’s 1966 and 1967 seasons. In fact, Phil started over future NFL Hall of Famer and Pittsburgh Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw.

The Duck Dynasty patriarch had talent, but was far more focused on hunting than playing football. Yet the rest of the Robertson family inherited some of his athletic genes, including Willie. The Duck Commander CEO also played quarterback, but suffered a terrible knee injury that derailed any future football plans. Instead, he turned to basketball and other sports with less contact than football.

“Well, I also played quarterback and then had a devastating knee injury, which put me into basketball with a little less contact. I played high school basketball. I tried to talk my way on a college team, but the coach was having none of it,” Willie said in the 2018 interview to Beck’s.

The Duck Dynasty star says he still loves sports, and that he still enjoys playing golf and tennis. Additionally, Willie passed on his love for basketball to his own sons and his daughter, Sadie Robertson Huff.

“We were all athletic but didn’t do a lot of organized sports. We grew up on the river, and it was a long way from the team. We played stuff in school. I still love athletics and play tennis and golf and still enjoy getting out. My sons play basketball and Sadie played basketball, so it was fun watching them play.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Shares How to Make the Perfect Pot of Tea

In a 2018 episode of In the Woods with Phil, the ex-college football quarterback taught viewers how to make the perfect pot of tea. His brother and fellow Duck Dynasty star Uncle Si is most well-known for his love of tea. But the tea obsession runs in the family.

In a clip from Episode 36 of his Blaze TV series, Phil Robertson used tea as part of his advice for America. Many Americans are anxious and even angry, which is still applicable three years later. Yet Phil thinks a simple glass of tea could help solve at least some of his fans’ problems.

“Everybody’s running low on peace of mind these days,” the Duck Dynasty patriarch says. “What they ought to do is calm down, and just fix them a big pot of good, stout tea.”

Next, Robertson fills us in on his simple tea recipe. There’s one big mistake that people tend to make and Phil is setting the record straight when it comes to producing a good cup of tea. He suggests that tea drinkers refrain from using tap water because of the chlorine.

“No sugar. Spring water – no chlorine. I want water and tea. Not water and chlorine and tea. So I’m old school,” Robertson explains as he makes a pot of tea.