‘Duck Dynasty’: Will Robertson’s Beard Is Approaching His Dad Willie’s Level in New Pic from Korie

by Taylor Cunningham

Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson is famous for his long salt and pepper beard. And burly men across the globe are envious of the Robertson family’s ability to effortlessly sprout long, thick facial hair. We say “family” because patriarch Si is also known for donning an impressive beard. It’s kind of their trademark. And now it looks like Will Robertson is set on continuing the Robertson legacy.

Willie and his wife Korie are busy with their new show, At Home With the Robertsons. The reality series follows the whole clan as they go about their daily life. The first season wrapped up production in June, and the family will recommence their hectic schedule soon when they start filming the second season.

But despite the chaos and busyness of being a celebrity, Korie still takes the time to appreciate peaceful times with her family. 

Tonight, for example, she was enjoying an evening with her husband and son. And she was in awe of how similar the men are. So, she took to Instagram to share her moment. And in the sweet photo she snapped, we can see that Will really is a lot like his dad. Especially in the way he’s carrying forth the family facial hair tradition. He’s gowing a beard, and he’s doing it well.

“I looked across the table and these two were looking like twins,” she wrote. “I always catch them sitting the same or talking with the same mannerisms and I couldn’t love it more!”

In the photo, Will and Willie are sitting at the dining room table. Willie is looking as suave and rugged as ever. And Will is rocking a thick, black beard that is inching down his neck.

Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie Roberston Take a Moment to Remember Those Lost on 9/11

Earlier today, on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Willie and Korie Roberston took a moment to remember the victims of the attacks in New York City and Washington D.C.

“We miss the people we lost 20 years ago,” Willie wrote alongside a photo on Instagram. “We miss hero’s that ran towards harm’s [sic] way.”

The attached photo is a famous picture from 2001. It showcases three first responders as they raise a United States flag on top of the 9/11 wreckage.

“We miss the unity that came out of tragedy,” he continued. “We miss the innocence we lost when evil spread in new ways. Heavy hearts for all those families on this day. We love you.”

Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson posted a photo taken at the same moment the planes collided with the Twin Towers. And in the caption, she added words spoken by the late Billy Graham.

“We will never forget that day. Prayers today for the families that lost loved ones, and for our nation,” she said before leading into Graham’s prayer. “These words are just as true today.”