‘Duck Dynasty’: Willie and Korie Robertson Joined By Her Cousins for Fundraising Event in New Pics

by Jon D. B.

Like all of us, Duck Dynasty alum Korie Robertson is “thankful” for the return of live events, and is celebrating by working a fundraiser with family.

Cue the good times! With a lovely family photo, Korie Robertson‘s Sunday update lays down some familial facts for followers. How’s that for casual alliteration?

“This was fun!” she begins in her latest update. Like all of us, Duck Dynasty alum Korie Robertson is “thankful” for the return of live events, and is celebrating by working a fundraiser with family. On her official Instagram, Korie shows herself and Duck Dynasty husband Willie living it up for a fundraiser after COVID-19 restrictions have finally lifted enough to allow such events. But they’re not alone!

“You might know that Willie’s awesome assistant @jdowen7 is my cousin, but you might not know that another cousin of mine @heatharthur is a hilarious comedian, actor and emcee,” she reveals. Who knew? Sharper Duck Dynasty fans, maybe?

“Well, we all got to work together last night at a fundraiser event! Thankful that these kinds of things are happening again, and always thankful to get to work with family!” Korie concludes her Sunday post. Check out the lovely shot of the Duck Dynasty family together again for yourself below:

Always good to see Korie and Willie Robertson smiling!

Meanwhile… The ‘Duck Dynasty Kids are Living Their Best Life, Too!

Meanwhile, their daughter, Sadie Robertson Huff, is living her best life, too. Currently, Sadie’s “heart is full of gratitude” with her own Sunday post as she looks forward to reuniting with the family above. She tells us as much in an adorable gallery of vacation photos with newborn Honey James and husband Christian.

It’s a weekly topic here at Outsider, but we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Sadie Robertson, Christian Huff, and their tiny daughter Honey James Huff are as cute as they come. This is one of the happiest families on the planet, and their joy is infectious. As such, we never miss a chance to spread said joy with fellow Outsidrs.

Sadie’s Sunday post does just that, too. Within, the Duck Dynasty daughter shares photos from her latest vacation to her official Instagram.

“Lots of love right here!!! Heart is full of gratitude leaving this week getting to see family 💛!!!” Robertson Huff captions the gallery. There, we are treated to shots of her, husband Christian, and friends enjoying a beautiful stay at a vacation resort. Check out the images for yourself here, including absolutely adorable videos of tiny Honey James – which there can never be enough of.

All the best to these beautiful families from us here at Outsider!