‘Duck Dynasty’: Willie & Korie Robertson Speak Out on ‘Ugly Comments’ Made About Biracial Son

by Halle Ames

Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Korie Robertson are speaking out about the “ugly comments” made about their biracial son, Willie Jr.

The faith-based couple have always promoted unity and acceptance. Now, with those making hurtful comments about their youngest son, Willie Jr., who is adopted, they are no longer taking a backseat to the hate.

For Willie and Korie Robertson’s first episode of their new web series “At Home with the Robertsons,” they touched on the topic near to their hearts.

According to Fox News, the Robertson’s were joined on their show by “Love and Hip Hop” cast members Yandy Smith-Harris and her husband Mendeecees Harris, both of whom are Black.

Will Robertson Jr.

Will Jr. is biracial, with a Black biological father and a White biological mother. He was adopted by Willie and Korie Robertson when he was only five weeks old. His father, Willie Robertson, noted that the adoption agency explained that biracial children are “the hardest ones to place here in the south.”

Willie said that he and Korie had no reservations when adopting Will Jr. however.

The mother of five revealed that the adoption process as being one that was “all love and all excitement and just gratefulness for this beautiful baby boy that we had.”

Will Jr. joined the group for the web show conversation.

Yandy Smith-Harris asked the Robertson’s how they go about dealing with questions surrounding the race of their youngest son.

“I remember my grandmother had a friend who’s Black that expressed to her that she felt like White people shouldn’t adopt Black kids. I think she just felt like Black people should adopt Black people and White people should adopt White people,” Korie recalled. “But I just think that’s not helpful.”

Hate Associated with Fame

In fact, Korie Robertson said that they weren’t concerned with Willie Jr.’s skin color until Duck Dynasty aired. That is when people began making the hateful comments.

Yandy commented about her children’s struggle upon realizing the difference between their skin color and the kids in their classes. She asked Will Jr. if he shared in that struggle.

The 18-year-old reveals that he didn’t notice the differences until later in life.

“I was one of the only Black kids in my grade,” Will said. “My friends were White, so I didn’t get the notion that I was [different]. I would look myself in the mirror and be like, ‘Oh, I’m just a little bit tanner.’ My hair was short…I didn’t have all this texture that I have now, so I was just like, ‘I kind of am just one of them.’ As I got older, I started realizing, ‘Oh gosh, I’m a lot different.”

As for the negative comments the family received about their son, Willie noted that his son had taken notice.

“For us, it was weird because now he can see that. We didn’t see that, and we had people do all kind of ugly things.”

Korie Robertson “No, It’s Not in the Past”

Korie Robertson continues, saying that racism in today’s society is just “so sad.”

“I remember when the Charlottesville thing happened. It’s just so sad to me. You know, having a son that’s Black and biracial, just to have to explain that to him. You wanna say, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no… that’s in the past.’ But whenever it’s right there in your face, you’re like, ‘No, it’s not in the past,”

Korie Robertson ends the web series with her hopes for the future. She wishes for a day that unity prevails and “racism just does not exist, where no one is judged for the color of their skin.”

Us too, Korie.