‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Bags a Giant Arkansas Buck

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Linda Davidson/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson headed a little farther north from his Louisiana home to take advantage of Arkansas’ firearm whitetail season the other week. Following Robertson’s trip through the woods, RealTree shared a photo of his giant 10-point buck.

Dressed in a Buck Commander orange cap, the Duck Dynasty CEO posed with his game and showed off the buck’s massive rack.

Not surprisingly, Robertson, himself, also posted the photo with his whitetail as well as the dish that he made with the meat. From the looks of the finished product, it seems Robertson made his family some game stew, perfect for the quickly cooling weather.

More importantly, the fact that Robertson posted the result of his recent hunt rather than the actual shot first shows his appreciation for the animal’s sacrifice. In fact, the Duck Dynasty star even shared that he was “Thankful for deer in many ways” as he posed with the cast iron pot full of food. As a leader in the game industry, it’s likely that Robertson wanted to stress the importance of seeing the buck as a resource first and a trophy second.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Game Cookbook Is in High Demand

Once fans got a good look at Robertson’s dinner, it was clear that he is just as gifted in the stand as he is on the stove. That’s why many of them asked their favorite Duck Dynasty star to share the secrets of his craft and create a game cookbook – or at least share his stew’s recipe.

And honestly, that’s not a bad idea. Previously, the Robertson family has published several kitchen guides that embody the essence of the show. Some of them focus on Miss Kay’s creations which we all know Phil Robertson can’t live without. There’s even a DVD called The Commander’s Kitchen which seems to include some other Duck Dynasty family members’ recipes. But the Robertsons have yet to come out with a wild game-focused cookbook.

As many Outsiders well know, venison just doesn’t cook the same as beef or any other red meat. Whitetails are lean animals, so home chefs have to compensate for that lack of fat to make sure they don’t dry out the dish while cooking. With all of Willie Robertson’s experience with the spatula, he could not only supply his readers with top-notch recipes that pair game meat with quality ingredients, but he could also add crucial tips as well.

After all, ruined game meat is the second-worst crime in the world of hunting.

The first is missing the shot.