‘Duck Dynasty’: Willie Robertson Says ‘Best Advice He Was Ever Given’ Was About Uncle Si

by Quentin Blount

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson revealed the life-changing advice he was given about Uncle Si in a recent episode of the Whoa That’s Good! podcast.

For those who may not know, the Whoa That’s Good! podcast was created by Willie’s daughter, Sadie Robertson Huff. She uses the platform to have deep and meaningful conversations with authors, athletes, musicians, actors, and other stars.

However, in her episode from March 24, it was her dad, Willie, and her Uncle Si that stole the show. The episode is full of some crazy Robertson family stories. But perhaps one of the best moments came when Willie opened up about the best advice he had ever gotten when it comes to Uncle Si.

Robertson says that in the early stages of creating their show, he was trying to make some cuts. And as a result, he was looking down the payroll for who he could potentially let go when he saw Si’s name on the list.

“I’ve got Si who basically sleeps on the couch for four hours every day at work,” Robertson said. “I thought, ‘Look, I hate to be the CEO, Si, but I have to trim the fat or lack thereof.’ So I go to Phil and I say, ‘Phil, we’ve got to let Si go. The productivity is not there.'”

It was in that moment that the Duck Dynasty dad received what ended up being life-changing advice.

“Leave Si alone,” Robertson recalls being told. “He makes the reeds when he is awake. And nobody else wants to make the reeds so just leave him alone and he’ll be fine.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Diamond in the Rough

The Duck Dynasty stars are not just a pleasure to watch on the big screen, but they are also hilarious when they get into the podcast room together. Despite Willie almost firing Si, it’s clear that the two harbors no ill feelings toward one another. In fact, now they can just look back on the moment and laugh.

Willie said that he’s glad that things turned out the way they did. And he’s thankful for getting the “best advice” he’s ever gotten.

“You never know that jewel that is right there,” Robertson says. “You may overlook it.”

“Diamond in the rough!” Si says in the background.

“You were a diamond in the real rough, like really rough, rough,” Willie jokes.