‘Duck Dynasty’: Willie Robertson Tried Paying Miss Kay Outrageous Amount in Secret Plot to Burn Phil’s Favorite Shirt

by Chris Haney

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson once hilariously tried to pay off his mother, Miss Kay, to burn his father’s favorite shirt so Phil couldn’t keep wearing it all the time. Although that seems kind of cruel, Robertson had his reasons.

We all have an old favorite piece of clothing that we’ve probably held on to a little too long. It was broken-in and super comfortable so we just couldn’t get rid of it even though we knew its best days were long gone. It’s without a doubt some form of denial, and that’s the case with Phil Robertson and his heavily worn, brown button-down shirt.

During an episode of In the Woods with Phil from late February, Miss Kay explained the situation with her husband’s infamous shirt. In the process, she revealed her son’s plot to his dad for the first time.

As Duck Dynasty took off on television, the family received some sponsorship deals. Therefore they were contractually obligated to only wear certain brands while filming. Phil, being the man that he is though, just wanted to wear his trusty brown shirt with camo patches.

So Willie approached his mother with a “business deal” of his own. He offered Miss Kay $1,000 to secretly burn Phil’s beloved shirt.

“Of course Phil never knew about this deal we had going on. And I said [to Willie], ‘Well, I’m too scared to burn the shirt if you want to know the truth… I said, ‘Willie, I don’t know how to do that, he’s just so in love with that shirt.’ I’d go before that shirt went. So anyway, I could’ve picked up an easy $1,000, but no, I just couldn’t do it,” Miss Kay hilariously explains.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Defends Keeping His Favorite Shirt

The longtime married couple joked around about Miss Kay’s “secret deal” with their son. As she pulled out the shirt and inspected it, you can tell it’s seen better days. The shirt has numerous holes in it, it’s become frayed at the edges, and already has multiple camouflage patch jobs on it.

“It’s the warmest shirt I’ve ever worn. And you can literally step into some brush, and disappear into some thicket,” Phil Robertson explained.

“One day, we’re gonna walk in and it’s just gonna be all gone. It’s just gonna shrivel up. It already looks like somebody’s got after you – like a dog ripped it,” Miss Kay amusingly responds while looking at the shirt.

“It’s becoming a little tattered, but the infrastructure is still there,” Phil says back in obvious denial of the shirt’s condition.

As Phil explains further, not only has he had the shirt for 25-30 years, but it’s never once been washed. He says the chemicals in laundry detergent makes the color fade and it eats the material up. So instead of washing the shirt, he hangs it up to dry outside after hunting and fishing. As Phil puts it, a sunny day and a nice breeze will freshen it right up.

“It smells just as fresh as the wind-driven snow,” Phil said in defense of his never-washed shirt. “It’s like crawling up into your mother’s arms when you put it on in the morning. It’s like crawling up into your mother’s arms and then you go out into the woods. So, that shirt has served me well.”

Never stop being you, Phil Robertson.