Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Posts Adorable Pics of Newborn Grandchild: ‘Absolute Best Blessing’

by Halle Ames

There is a new addition to the Robertson family, and Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson is thrilled with the new “blessing.”

Although Korie isn’t new to being a grandma, a new grandbaby is as exciting as presents come. 

The little bundle of joy, named Ella Kathryn, was born on April 8th. She is the second child for John Luke and Mary Kate, but the first girl. They also have a one-year-old boy named John Shepard. 

Korie Robertson is a Grandma Once Again

Korie Robertson gushes over Ella, who is just the cutest little thing you will see today. We mean, just look at that face! And the little bow! 

The Duck Dynasty star posted four photos of her son’s little family and glowing wife. Korie Robertson comments how thankful she is to watch her lovely grandchildren. 

On Instagram, she wrote: “This little girl joined our world on April 8th, and we haven’t stopped staring! So much cuteness! Ella Kathryn, you are a dream 💗 Beautiful and sweet, the absolute best blessing! @marykaterob and @johnluke_robertson, you are amazing parents! It’s the greatest joy to watch you love your babies so sweetly, and John Shepherd, you are the best big brother! Bursting with thankfulness, cuddles, and baby kisses around here. 💗”

Korie is always showing off the young babies on her Instagram. Her daughter Rebecca also has one toddler named Zane. In total, Korie Robertson’s number of grandkids is going to increase in the next few weeks. 

Sadie and Her Growing Belly

Furthermore, Korie Robertson is expecting another grandbaby any day now from her daughter Sadie and her husband, Christian Huff. The couple is also expecting a girl, who will be their first child. 

Two days ago, Sadie Robertson posted a collage of photos. It starts with her flat, toned belly at month one, to a slow progression throughout the months. She is currently ready to pop with a beautiful big belly. On Instagram, she wrote, “Growing: becoming greater over a period of time; increasing. You make me better baby girl. I hope I always see growth, no matter how uncomfortable it can be … as a very good thing. Because that it is.”

She has given excited fans a few hints on what their baby girl will be named. Thus far, Sadie Robertson had said her daughter would have an original name, not already in the family. Additionally, it is a name from the Bible. 

Any guesses? Because we are stumped. Well, it’s not like fans are going to have to wait very long to find out.