‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Posts Hilarious Pic With Willie After He Loses ‘Beauty Pageant’

by Josh Lanier

Korie Robertson released some behind-the-scenes moments from today’s episode of At Home With The Robertsons featuring a very unhappy Willie. The Duck Dynasty dad didn’t appreciate his scores from the beauty pageant from this week’s episode.

Korie posted pictures of her consoling her husband. And another Sadie Robertson Huff celebrates with her husband after they chose him as the pageant winner. You can watch the episodes here.

“If you could use a good laugh, don’t miss what happens in today’s episode of #athomewiththerobertsons that just launched!” she wrote.

“Willie wasn’t happy with his scores in the beauty pageant, ha! Swipe for a bts sneak peek of the winner in his crown🤴🏼@legitsadierob and I literally laughed till we cried 🤣 (and Sadie’s pregnant laugh is the cutest thing, ha!)”

The wives made Willie Robertson and Christian Huff strut their stuff down the runway. They wanted the men to understand what being objectified feels like.

Willie, who competed against his much younger and fitter son-in-law, got their point right away. He also realized how demeaning the process can be. Especially after the women asked him to turn around and give them a full view.

“This whole spin thing is super objectifying,” Willie Robertson said. “I don’t get it. I mean why do you need to see the back, you know? The front should be good enough.”

Robertson Clan Will Discuss What They Learned

At Home With The Robertsons is a twice-weekly show on Facebook Watch. On Monday’s episodes, the Duck Dynasty family invites a celebrity into their home for open and frank discussions. On Thursday, the family gathers to discuss what they learned.

This week, The Bachelorette Hannah Brown made the trek to Louisiana to discuss her life growing up participating in beauty pageants, and she even tried her hand at chopping wood. And Sadie Robertson Huff discusses the harassment, bullying, and mean comments she received as a model.

Korie Robertson said she didn’t know how many young women had horror stories like that until the episode was released.

“After talking about this episode with friends I’ve heard stories of things said or done in high school that they have never forgotten, and have had an effect on their body image their whole life,” Korie Robertson posted after Monday’s episode. “How do we stop that? I think it’s an important conversation for us to have at any age, and particular if you have young girls!”