Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Posts Sweet Pic with Special Tribute to Grandmother on Her 90th Birthday

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Taylor Hill/ Getty Images)

Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson posts a sweet family picture celebrating her grandmother’s 90th birthday. 

Happy Easter and happy 90th birthday, Grandma!

Korie Robertson Has a Lot To Celebrate

In an Instagram post from last night, Korie Robertson shares a beautiful family photo that features all her children, their husbands and wives, and their children. In all, the Robertson family has grown exponentially from the young kids we used to watch on the television series.

All of Korie Robertson’s five children are either engaged, married, or pregnant, besides Willie Jr.  

The 47-year-old also posted a sweet selfie with the beautiful 90-year-old family matriarch. According to the tag on the photo, the birthday girl’s name is Jo Shackelford. 

Ninety and still is hip enough for an Instagram account? Heck yeah! 

Shackelford’s bio reads, “Retired-Partner/owner CENTURY 21 Shackelford French, Inc., West Monroe, Louisiana.”

Korie Robertson’s caption shares how grateful she is for Easter and the sacrifice Jesus made for us.  

“So thankful for this day! The day we celebrate our risen savior. We have fun with Easter eggs and bunnies, but the miracle of this day is so much more than that! Jesus has risen just like he said!”

Robertson continues, paying tribute to her grandmother’s special milestone. It should be noted that Grandmother Shackelford is also the great-great-grandmother to John Luke and Rebecca’s children. Talk about a family tree!

“Also, today was extra-special because it’s my grandmother’s 90th birthday! Yes, 90th!! She’s amazing. I’ve learned so much about love from her. She always points us to Jesus. What a perfect day to celebrate your life @jodyblon. We love you!”

Wow, big events all around in the Robertson household. 

Robertson Family Update

Currently, Sadie Robertson is preparing for the birth of her first baby, a girl. She is rough 36 weeks along. 

John Luke’s wife, Mary Kate, is also right around 36 weeks pregnant with their second child, which will be their first girl. The two already have a one-year-old boy named John Shepard. 

Bella, the youngest Robertson, is also engaged and preparing for a soon-to-be wedding. The family recently hosted her bridal party. However, a wedding date has not been announced. In December, Bella could hear the wedding bells when she selected her dress for the special day. How exciting!

As we said, big things are happening in the Robertson household, and the large family is only growing.