Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Posts Sweet Tribute for Her Mom’s Birthday: ‘You Are a Marvel’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Korie Robertson wished her ageless mother Chrys Howard a very happy birthday.

A member of the Duck Dynasty family, Korie Robertson posted a tribute to her mother, who turned 68.

Korie Robertson said: “Happy Birthday to my amazing mom @chryshoward 🧡 Swipe for a little glimpse into her heart and why she is so amazing. This is her reading beautiful, powerful words from a book that she wrote when ours were babies to her GREAT-granddaughters on the way! (I know she doesn’t look like a great-grandma, but she is and she is the very best!).

Korie Robertson continued: “Mom, you live life to its fullest! I can’t even keep up with all that you do, you are there for all of us whenever we need you, you write books, blogs, record a podcast, play tennis, show up at every basketball game, throw the best parties, are the first to jump in and do whatever it takes to get a job done and you are ready to take a grandkid for a walk at a moments notice. You are a marvel! There’s no one else like you and I’m so thankful that you are my mom, and our kids and grandkids 2mama! We love you!”

Korie Robertson and Her Mother Chrys Enjoy Terrific Relationship

Korie Robertson has many reasons to be so proud of her mother. Chrys Howard is a writer and former senior editor for Howard Publishing, which is now part of Simon & Schuster.

She’s helped edit more than 100 books. She’s also written nine. Her own titles include Rockstar Grandparent, Big Hugs for Grandmas and You and Me Daughter: Because Two Are Better Than One.

Howard also hosts a radio show called It’s a Mom Thing. She also works with Heartfelt Ministries, an organization started by her sister. She has three adult children, including Korie Robertson. And she has 14 grandchildren. She and her husband appeared on episodes of Duck Dynasty.

Earlier this week, Korie Robertson commemorated International Women’s Day by posting photos of all the women who inspire her. She honored her mother, along with her mother-in-law, her daughters and daughter-in-law.

Plus, Robertson has two granddaughters on the way. You saw glimpses of her pregnant daughter Sadie and daughter-in-law Mary Kate in the clip Korie Robertson dedicated to her mother.

Korie Robertson shared with her 2 million followers on Instagram:

“The world would not survive without us, literally.  Incredibly thankful to be surrounded by so many amazing women in my life! Keep going moms, daughters, sisters, grandmas, aunts, friends…We need you.”