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Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Shows Off New Workout Pics with Pregnant Daughter Sadie

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Araya Diaz/WireImage)

On Tuesday morning, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson shared workout photos while also showing off her pregnant daughter Sadie’s baby bump.

The mother-daughter pair hit the gym this morning and took a spin class together. Robertson admitted that she hasn’t been as active as she’d like in recent history. She credits Sadie for helping her get back in the gym today and said today is a “new beginning” for her.

Robertson shared three photos to her official Instagram account. The first two are of herself and Sadie following their workout together. In addition, she shared a third picture, which is a screenshot of a group text. Sadie asked the others in the group if they’d like to join her for an 8:15 a.m. spin class. Two others passed on the invite, but Robertson committed to joining her for the workout.

“So proud of this strong, amazing, little mama! @legitsadierob you are a force! That 3 in the 2nd (photo) is because she’s entering her 3rd trimester🤗 And still getting it at the gym 💪🏼How cute is that baby bump 😍,” Robertson wrote on Instagram.

“You’re the sweetest encourager to me to take care of myself too! You are already an amazing mom and I just love being yours ❤️,” she continued.

“(Full disclosure, before today, I’ve played tennis once and done one at home barre class in 2021. That’s it. Actually by the end of 2020, my workouts were pretty scarce. I’ve been off the workout train lately but posting this to say I’m jumping back on.) If Jan 1st wasn’t the new beginning you’d hoped it would be how about start now? Feb 2nd is as good a time as any!” Korie Robertson concluded.

Korie Robertson Speaks About Family and Fitness

On Sunday, Korie Robertson took to Instagram to share her thoughts on some of the things that are most important to her.

During a lengthy Instagram Live session, Robertson opened up to her fans and also took questions from them. The mother of five admitted she’s only human, and that she hasn’t stuck to her workout routine in recent months. Health and fitness are important to the Duck Dynasty star. But Robertson said she’s had to take a break from working out because of family and sicknesses. However, she promised to return to the gym soon, which she did this morning by taking a spin class with her daughter Sadie.

Additionally, the 47-year-old has always stressed the importance of family and faith. Robertson knows the pandemic has been stressful for most, but the constants of her family and her faith continue to help her through these tough times.

“I wanted to jump on because I feel like, I don’t know, just with my friends and other people we’ve been talking just a lot about family,” starts Korie Robertson. “About how it feels like whenever everything in the world changes and things are scary, and the pandemic is going on, we’re in quarantine and all that, it feels like the things that are really important, you just kind of narrow down and realized what’s really important to you. Faith and family is that for us.”