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Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Shows Off Sweet Photos From Family Christmas Gathering

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Korie Robertson recently shared some adorable photos from her family’s recent Christmas gathering. The Duck Dynasty matriarch’s pics feature some new faces this year and some pretty cute holiday fashion.

“… Our tradition is to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving, @realwilliebosshog cooks a yummy meal, I pick out a tree, we bring down all of the Christmas bins, including the one with festive costumes in case you didn’t come in the Christmas spirit, and we trim the tree. Since John Luke is the firstborn, his birthright is that he gets to put the star on top,” she captioned the series of photos.

“We aren’t fancy, our ornaments are a hodgepodge from years past (one year we decided to only use natural, handmade ornaments, so we strung popcorn, made gingerbread men, dried oranges, and everyone still says that was one of their favorite years, I really did it so I didn’t have to get the ornaments down and figured we could just throw the whole tree out when we were done rather than putting them back up. It worked exactly as planned…We might have to do that again!)

“Anyway, I’m here to say, whatever your traditions are, whatever traditions aren’t happening this year, because 2020, don’t stress! Remember why we celebrate, Jesus’s birth! God came down! That can never be cancelled! …,” she continued.

“I know Christmas can be hard with all of the activities, be there with your whole selves for what you can and don’t sweat the rest. I love you Swag Fam! Merry Christmas.”

Korie Robertson, Family Sports Cute Christmas Outfits

The Robertson clan is growing. Sadie Robertson got married last year and will soon give birth to the newest member of the family. John Luke and his wife welcomed baby John Shepard in 2019. Bella Robertson recently got engaged to her boyfriend Jacob Mayo.

But as they’ve added new members to the family, they’ve still kept their quirky, down-home sense of humor. The family seemed to have a blast picking out their Christmas attire for the photos. They all dressed up for their annual tradition of passing the star. Korie Robertson’s sweater says she’s a “Gangsta Wrapper.” To put it mildly, that may be the most Korie thing we’ve seen.

Additionally, Rebecca Robertson’s sweater features Bob Ross. We can’t help but want one of our own.

John Luke and his 1-year-old son matched in Baby Yoda onesies. Baby John even sported some Baby Yoda ears for the photo.

Christmas is always a big event for the Robertson family so expect many more posts from them this holiday season. Knowing them, there should be plenty of surprises.