Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Show Off Top Memories of 2020

by Katie Maloney

Korie Robertson reminds us all to be grateful for everything we have after a challenging year.

This year is coming to an end. And as we all breathe a sigh of relief we’re also reflecting on all that has occurred over the last 365 days. In an Instagram post, Robertson shared a photo collage of her favorite 2020 moments. She also talked about the surrealism of this year. Along with the photo, she writes, “…it still doesn’t seem real that our world has changed so much since we celebrated the new year last year. I’m sure you’ve had those conversations too. I don’t think anyone saw this coming!”

Korie Robertson Begins A New Year With Gratitude

Despite the emotional rollercoaster that 2020 has been, Robertson says that she wants to begin anew. In order to do so, she says “…I want to end this year and begin the new one with gratitude.”

Robertson then listed the amount of challenges her and her family faced this year. However, instead of focusing on the bad, Robertson manages to remain grateful for all the good that she currently has.

“After the drive-by shooting at our home at the beginning of this year my overwhelming feeling was gratefulness, after an attempted break-in, gratefulness, after quarantine, tornadoes, hurricanes, sickness, funerals, gratefulness,” writes Robertson. “Grateful for this life we have been given, for the people I get to spend it with, for a good Father who loves us all immensely,” Robertson writes.

Robertson concludes her post by surrendering the next year to God. “I’m not in charge of it all, He is 🙌🏻 My part here is to simply love him and love others. Whatever 2021 brings, I plan to do just that,” she writes.

Undoubtedly, this year has been challenging. That said, we can all take a note from Korie and focus on the lessons we’ve learned and the love we’ve shared this year. Break-out those gratitude lists as we close out 2020!