Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Posts New Pics With Mia, Shares Update on Her Surgery Recovery

by Josh Lanier

Missy Robertson recently shared an update and photos of her daughter Mia who underwent surgery in March to repair to cleft palate. She posted several photos from the Duck Dynasty family’s Easter celebrations, as well.

Missy posted the first photos of Mia since her surgery. It was the 17-year-old’s 14th surgery to repair a cleft palate.

“It’s been an amazing weekend! Faith, Family and lots and lots of Food!!!

“Mia is doing fantastic! We so appreciate all of the prayers and good wishes! We have felt every single one. She still has a long way to go, but she has come so far so fast in such a short time,” she continued.

“Resurrection Sunday reminds me that we will one day feel no physical pain and still live forever. What an amazing Hope we have in Jesus!,” she captioned the photos.

The photos includes multiple generations of the Robertson clan celebrating Easter Sunday together.

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson posted about his granddaughter as well.

“I saw Mia today and told her, ‘Girl, you are beautiful,’” Robertson wrote on Twitter. “It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since her surgery, and she’s doing great. Thank you for all the prayers.”

Mia Robertson on the Mend After Difficult Surgery

Mia Robertson was born with a cleft palate, which is an opening in the roof of her mouth. Since 2012, she’s endured several bone grafts to repair the cleft as it reopens and separates as she ages, her dad said on his “Unashamed” podcast recently.

Effectively, her dad Jase Robertson explained, the doctors had to break her jaws to set the lower jaw back and the upper jaw forward. Worse still, doctors can’t give her any pain killers because “she needs her wits about her” in case she chokes, Jase Robertson said.

Doctors created a 3D model of what Mia’s mouth and jaw should look like after the surgery. They told Missy and Jase that they believe they were successful in matching that model. She’s expected to deal with some swelling for about a year, but they’re already seeing good signs of progress, Missy has said. She’ll continue to see specialists during the next 12 months.

Since her surgery, Missy has kept fans updated on Mia’s condition and prognosis. A lot of which has involved sitting around the house, playing cards and the piano, and resting.

And the competitive streak amongst the Robertson doesn’t stop just because you’re not well. When she asked her dad to play cards recently, Jase told her “I don’t care if you’re sick. I’m not going to let you win,” Missy posted.

The family started the Mia Moo Foundation to help raise “awareness and funds towards treatments of cleft lip and palate,” the site says.