Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Posts Sweet Update on Mia’s Surgery, Reveals ‘Why She’s So Tough’

by Thad Mitchell

Missy Robertson, wife of Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson, recently took to social media to provide an update on the couple’s daughter, Mia.

The Instagram post shows Mia and her father partaking in a friendly card game. Young Mia recently underwent extensive surgery in order to improve her overall health and speech.

Mia: ‘Want to play cards, Dad?'” the Friday afternoon Instagram post starts out. “Jase Robertson: ‘I don’t care if you’re sick, I’m not going to let you win.’ Anyone wonder why she is so tough?”

Missy’s social media post took in more than 18,600 “likes” along with well over 100 replies in the comments section. Many commenters used the opportunity to wish Mia a speedy recovery from her recent surgery. Some Duck Dynasty fans say Mia will certainly be in their thoughts and prayers moving forward. Others praise the relationship between the father and daughter as Jase helps his daughter heal.

“That great Daddy loves her more than himself,” a social media user says in the comments. “And I bet he does let her win a few.”

Some Duck Dynasty watchers say they are blown away by Mia’s strength and determination. The young girl has been through a lot.

“I’m in awe of her strength!” a commenter says. “God continues to bless Mia with her strength and determination. Bless her family for their continued unconditional love. Continued prayers for your healing Mia, I love you and your family.”

Mia’s most recent surgery took place 10 days ago on March 17. According to an update from Missy Robertson, the surgery was extensive and required several hours to complete.

Duck Dynasty Fans Pray For Mia Robertson

“At 10:30 AM tomorrow, our Mia girl will have the most extensive surgery she’s ever had,” the Duck Dynasty wife says in a tweet. “Both jaws will be cut and reset in order to improve her overall health and speech, a 5-hour surgery. Jase and I would appreciate your prayers! Thank you for always supporting Mia.”

Mia was born with a cleft lip and pallet that has produced complications for the young girl. She is now using her platform to spread a message of love and compassion.