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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Proclaims ‘Jesus Trumps All Government Rules’

by Matthew Wilson
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Proclaims 'Jesus Trumps All Government Rules'
Photo credit: Jerry Markland/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway

Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson discussed politics and religion on his podcast. He said that Jesus is higher than any government rules or regulations.

“Jesus in our world trumps government edicts –rules. He trumps it all,” Robertson said.

“So you’re there, ‘Thanks. I like constitutional republics. They seem to work a lot better for the kingdom of God,'” he continued. “But no matter whether you’re a monarchy or you’re some kind of oligarchy or some kind of dictatorship, it would be the same with us. We just have to remember Jesus trumps all government edicts. Go make disciples, Jesus said and baptism them. That’s what we do.”


Phil Robertson has spent the pandemic focused on his faith.

On his podcast “Unashamed with Phil and Jase Robertson,” Robertson discusses a variety of topics with his son but religion is often a focus. In the podcast series, Robertson mentioned his dislike for government regulation and control. He also praised President Donald Trump for cutting back regulations. Robertson spoke at a Trump rally in 2019.

“If you’re pro-God, pro-America, pro-gun and pro-duck hunting, that’s all I want,” Robertson said. According to The Blaze, Robertson had a conversation with Trump about Jesus back in 2016.

“I’m convinced he’s put his faith in Jesus and I’m convinced he’s a brother,” Robertson told the outlet.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, Robertson told Fox News he has been living peacefully in the Lousian bayou and focused on his faith.

“I found Jesus in the mid-’70’s,” he said. “I have been self-quarantined from the world ever since. This is the lesson I have learned since I made that decision. The world and its desires pass away but the man who does the Will of God lives forever.”

Due to Robertson’s podcast, fans and fellow followers of Christ have visited West Monroe, LA to have the Duck Dynasty star baptize them. He said that he baptizes a small group of people every couple days.

“They’re coming from that podcast … about nine or maybe 10 in the last three days — they’ve come all the way down here,” he told Blaze. “And I’ve baptized that whole little crew. Well, it’s that way every day or two. They just keep coming.”