WATCH: ‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Retires Beloved Hunting Retriever Named Blue

by Jon D. B.

“The greatest retriever that ever lived.” After 10 years and an estimated 8,000 ducks, Phil Robertson‘s beloved hunting retriever, Blue, is retiring.

“Maybe some of y’all have never personally met my retriever of a decade. So, this is Blue,” Robertson introduces his beloved black retriever. This sit-down with Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson, however, is a somber one.

“We have officially retired him,” the hunting mogul follows with a frown. Indeed, the time has come. After over a decade of duck hunting together – and an estimated incredible 8,000+ ducks – Blue is getting his well-earned retirement.

“His whiskers are grey, as you can tell. He’s a greaybeard now, like us all,” Robertson croons. Within, he’s having a sit with his close friend and hunting partner, Burly. Blue seems awful fond of Burly, too, and it’s a wonderful sight to see – as he’s about to become the center of Blue’s world.

“Now, he’s on his way to Colorado with Burly…”He’s gonna be a house dog,” Robertson shakes his head of blue.

So take solace, Phil Robertson patrons and Duck Dynasty fans: blue will be in the best of hands. In fact, he’s set for a life of luxury on Burly’s estate and ranch.

“A+ on Pure Retrieving. On Manners? I’d give him a D…”

“In the duck hunting world, if you get ten years out of a retriever, you’ve done well,” Robertson continues of his longtime partner. Indeed, a lifetime of duck hunting looks to have done Blue well. He’s just as spry and springy as any 11-year-old dog you’ll ever see. Blue is, however, perhaps a bit too springy according to Phil.

“Blue has multiple skillsets himself. This one has retrieved about – ah – 8,000 ducks. His resume is long… It’s a great resume as far as pure retrieving. But he never was able to stop a continual whine…” Robertson lightheartedly laments of his old pup.

As such, he gives Blue an honorary “A+ on pure retrieving.” “On Manners?” though, “I’d give him a D…”

Regardless, a good hunting dog is worth its weight in ducks – and then some. This is undoubtedly where Blue shined.

“If you shot into a bunch of ducks – 10 or 12 would fall – he knew how many fell,” Robertson lauds. “He counted them… He’d go out there ’til he got ’em all in.”

All in all, Phil Robertson says Blue “always chose the right duck.” We can’t think of a better legacy for Blue than that.

‘Phil Robertson Says Farewell to the Greatest Retriever That Ever Lived’

“To all you dog lovers out there, I sure do love this one,” Robertson concludes with a rasp in his voice. “You did a good job, Blue. A good job.” Watch the full sit-down with Phil and Burly below as Robertson says goodbye to Blue, the “greatest retriever of all time.”

Phil’s beloved duck dog Blue has retrieved about 8,000 ducks, but it’s time for retirement. Today’s the day Phil has to say goodbye to the best retriever of all time.

Phil Robertson