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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Speaks Donald Trump’s Upcoming SCOTUS Nomination, Social Media Reacts

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Ducky Dynasty star Phil Robertson shared his thoughts on the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court nomination. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last week following a battle with cancer. Social media reacted to Robertson’s perspective on the political proceedings.

On Facebook, Robertson shared a clip from In The Woods With Phil. In the clip, Robertson discussed the country’s founding fathers’ views on the Constitution. He also listed the qualifications he would like to see in a Supreme Court justice nominee. According to Robertson, no nominee should be higher than “God’s law.”

“You’re running the danger of putting someone in there who will make decisions superseding what God said. Law itself comes from God. One lawgiver and one judge. The one who can save and destroy,” Robertson said. “Your best shot is when you replace a Supreme Court justice make sure that dude has got a firmness in his mind and an awareness of God.”


Users on Facebook reacted to the video. Several supported Robertson’s views, writing “Amen.” Others criticized the Duck Dynasty star writing “Phil you are part of the problem.”

One user wrote, “This guy really knows how to play to his audience.” While another commented, “Preach it Phil!! This world needs God and Godly people running it!”

Phil Robertson also discussed the SCOTUS nomination on his podcast.

Robertson also discussed the matter in greater length on his podcast Unashamed with Phil & Jace Robertson. He shared his thoughts on Ginsburg’s passing and his hopes for the Supreme Court pick. Robertson chatted about the intricacies of government and flaws he’s seen in both political parties.

Some Youtube users commented that they hoped Robertson gets the Supreme Court position. “My pick would be: Phil Robertson. He gets it,” one user wrote with two thumbs up emojis. Another commented, “I would love to know how Phil really feels about the lost member of the supreme court?”

One user commented, “Phils got my vote for bibles, shotguns and duck calls in the White House.”

This isn’t the first time Robertson has been vocal about a Supreme Court nomination. In 2017, he spoke with Breitbart about the Democratic Party trying to block Justice Neil Gorsuch’s nomination.

“What I think about it is: Psalms 14:1 makes a clear, concise statement, and the statement is a fool says in his heart there is no God,” Robertson said back then. “These people are Godless. And if you’re Godless, then you’re lawless—you practice lawlessness. Everyone who sins breaks the law. In fact, sin is lawlessness—that’s the Biblical definition of lawlessness.”