’Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Suggests Everyone Should Watch ‘At Least 100 Episodes’ of ‘Gunsmoke’: Here’s Why

by Matthew Wilson

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson is a huge fan of the classic western “Gunsmoke,” and he thinks everyone else should be too as well. Robertson believes that everyone should watch at least 100 episodes of the western per year.

In his latest podcast “Unashamed with Phil and Jase Robertson,” Robertson discussed why he thinks everyone should be fans of the show. For the “Duck Dynasty” star, the western holds values that everyone should incorporate into their own lives. In his opinion, a well-rounded citizen should read the Holy Bible and watch a little “Gunsmoke” as well.

“My humble advice is for everybody, all of you, to read the Book of John to find out who Jesus is and what grace is all about,” Robertson said in the podcast. “And then you must for one year, watch at least 100 episodes of ‘Gunsmoke’ and Matt Dillon. And you’ll see what law and order are all about. It is not an outdated culture of depiction. So you got John and Matt Dillon. You study both of them.”

Phil Robertson Praises ‘Gunsmoke’

Phil Robertson compared the “Gunsmoke” character Matt Dillon to the forces of good. During the course of the show, the Marshal encountered a lot of evildoers out in the West. Dillon sometimes solved situations with just words. But he didn’t mind shooting down a bandit if the situation called for it. His was a righteous justice in a land of lawlessness and tumbleweeds. Actor James Arness followed in the cinematic footsteps of John Wayne as the noble, tough cowboy.

“A hundred episodes at a minimum because what Matt deals with in a law and order perspective is every known sin to mankind,” Robertson said. “They were full of envy, hatred, murder, strife, deceit, coveting. Everything is in [‘Gunsmoke’]. [Matt Dillon] steps in as the law, and he will put a bullet in you very quickly if you’re doing any of this mischief. Good, Matt Dillon. Bad, the evil one, and all the sins. And it’s every episode, here’s what it’s about. The fragility and simplicity of mankind.”

Robertson’s co-host Jase was slightly less convinced by the merit of the western. He was left shaking his head with repeatedly said “well then” at the older Robertson’s beliefs. But Robertson stands by Marshall Matt Dillon and his various deputies.

“Gunsmoke” ran for 20 years on the air and has a total of 635 episodes if you count the initial half-hour airings. With many episodes to choose from, viewers won’t have a problem finding their favorites.