‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Voices Serious Criticism of US: ‘Bad Move, America’

by Chris Haney

Late on Friday night, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson shared a clip of himself on social media where he criticized America’s public school system. The outspoken patriarch of the Robertson family called it a “bad move” for the government to be the ones teaching and guiding America’s youth in public school instead of their parents.

“We turned the family structure over to the government to teach and guide our children. Bad move,” Phil Robertson said in a clip on his Instagram account. “I would not recommend any children going to public schools now, I just wouldn’t do it.”

“It’s gettin’ worse and worse,” someone in the background said in agreement.

The video clip is only a small portion of a lengthier conversation Phil Robertson has on his Unashamed podcast. Phil and his son, Jase Robertson, host the show presented by BlazeTV, which you can watch on YouTube or listen to on most podcast streaming services. The Duck Dynasty star frequently shares his opinions on a range of topics on the podcast, including his thoughts on the state of our country.

“When you outsource a father’s instruction and a mother’s teaching to the government, you get what we have now: ungodly public schools that fail our children and fill their minds with evil. Bad move, America. It’s getting worse and worse,” Phil Robertson captioned his post.

Phil Robertson Urges Americans to Make ‘One Big Change’

In another recent episode of Unashamed, Phil Robertson spoke about growing and changing in life. Speaking from experience, Robertson faced several obstacles earlier in his life before he found his faith. In a clip posted two weekends ago, he urged his fans and all Americans to make “one big change.”

“They founded the greatest nation on the planet 247 years ago, it hasn’t been long,” Phil Robertson says in the video.

“You say, ‘Well, whatever happened to men like the founding fathers?’ It’s just one every once in a while, you’ll see someone that fears God and does what is right,” he added.

According to the Duck Dynasty star, that is America’s biggest problem. He says that too many Americans have lost faith or no longer put their faith in the word of God.

“It’s passing away right before our very eyes,” Robertson continued. “And unless there’s a massive…repentance…on this next election cycle, you can kiss the United States of America goodbye.”

“We’ve got to change,” he insisted. “It’s gotta be a big one.”

Some of Robertson’s fans couldn’t help but agree in the comments section. Many added their own two cents agreeing with his sentiments.

“God Bless you Phil, and God Bless America,” one commenter wrote. Another Duck Dynasty fan shared, “You’re right in more ways than one. If America gets much worse it will be good riddance. I still think there’s a good chance it can be saved.”