Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Debuts New Pink Hairdo

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday afternoon, Duck Dynasty‘s Sadie Robertson shared her new look with her husband and her fans on social media.

Robertson revealed her new pink hair color by recording her FaceTime call to her husband, Christian Huff. Although you can’t hear the pair talking in the clip, you can see the couple’s excited reactions. Robertson has a huge smile on her face, in addition to clearly saying “I love it!” when speaking to her husband.

Huff himself seems to agree. As soon as he answered his wife’s call, his mouth drops. The couple share a laugh together, and both genuinely seem to love Robertson’s new hairdo. According to her post, Huff even told Robertson she should change her hair color to pink.

“Ever since our gender reveal party when I had pink paint all over me Christian has been telling me to dye my hair pink… today I surprised him,” Robertson added to the video.

“I HAVE PINK HAIR!” Robertson excitedly wrote as the caption of her post.

Sadie Robertson Motivates Mom to Get Back in the Gym

On Tuesday morning, Sadie Robertson and her mother, Korie, took a spin class together at their gym. Korie admitted she’s gotten off track in recent months and hasn’t kept up with her workout routine.

However, her daughter helped her kick it back into high gear. Korie shared workout photos of the two family members while also showing off Sadie’s baby bump.

The mother-daughter pair hit the gym together yesterday morning after Sadie reached out in a group text. Korie credits her daughter for helping her get back in the gym and said that yesterday was a “new beginning.”

Robertson shared three pictures with her fans and followers on Instagram. The first two are of the mother and daughter following their spin class workout. Additionally, Korie shared a third picture, which is a screenshot of their group text. Sadie asked the others in the group if they’d like to join her for an 8:15 a.m. spin class. Two others passed on the invite, but her mother committed to the spin class.

“So proud of this strong, amazing, little mama! @legitsadierob you are a force! That 3 in the 2nd (photo) is because she’s entering her 3rd trimester🤗 And still getting it at the gym 💪🏼How cute is that baby bump 😍,” Robertson wrote on Instagram.

“You’re the sweetest encourager to me to take care of myself too! You are already an amazing mom and I just love being yours ❤️,” she continued.

“(Full disclosure, before today, I’ve played tennis once and done one at home barre class in 2021. That’s it. Actually by the end of 2020, my workouts were pretty scarce. I’ve been off the workout train lately but posting this to say I’m jumping back on.) If Jan 1st wasn’t the new beginning you’d hoped it would be how about start now? Feb 2nd is as good a time as any!” Korie Robertson concluded.