Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Remembers Father Willie Baptizing Husband Christian in Sweet Easter Post

by Halle Ames

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson shares an emotional photo from the day her father, Willie, baptized her husband, Christian.

The special day took place two years ago but still holds a special meaning in the hearts of the Robertson family.

Baptism Post

Sadie Robertson posted a photo this morning of celebrating both Easter and her husband’s Baptism. In a lengthy caption, Sadie highlights what this day means to her.

“death, buried, RESURRECTED!!! The same power that rose Jesus from the dead is ALIVE! Thinking of all the things that wouldn’t be in my life if I didn’t have hope in what this day represents… I wouldn’t have the family that I have, the husband I have, the peace, joy, love, and security I live in, I wouldn’t be the friend, wife, or mom that I am. I wouldn’t live life to the full.”

In the first photo, Christian Huff closes his nose, and Willie holds him in the middle of a brown lake. The second photo shows Christian and Willie hugging after the Baptism is completed, and Sadie’s husband is raised from the water, a sign of washing away Original Sin. The last photo shows the two men, both wearing matching royal blue colored shirts, exit the lake.

On this day, Christians celebrate Jesus rising from the tomb, both body and soul, on the third day after he was crucified. Without this symbolic moment, Sadie Robertson explains that she too would “still be in the grave.”

“I would still be in the grave too…. thank you, Jesus, that you not only ran out of the grave, but you let us run out with you! I LOVE YOU, J! “

Sadie’s mother, Korie Robertson, also commented on the post, sending her love.

“😭 couldn’t love this more.”

Sadie Robertson Gives Baby Update

Together, Sadie Robertson and Christian are preparing for the birth of their first child, a sweet baby girl. Five days ago, the 23-year-old posted an update for her over four million followers.

“35 WEEKS!!! Thankful God made our bodies to do the things they can do. it blows my mind that nearly 9 months ago, I had a baby the size of a poppy seed, and now that little girl is kicking me with her long legs, nestled in my rib cage (😅) and responding to my voice. <3 my gosh, it’s the coolest thing getting to truly experience Psalm 139:13 inside of me!!! we are getting soooo close and feeling it!!!”

Sadie has given hints to her fans about the name of her daughter. The faith-center wife said it was an original name in her family, but it was from the Bible.

Any guesses?