Duck Dynasty’s Si Robertson Hilariously Explains ‘What 2020 Did to Me’

by Katie Maloney

Si Robertson talks about exactly what 2020 “did to me” during an episode of his podcast Duck Call Room.

Si Robertson and Justin Martin talk about the trials of 2020 during their latest episode of Duck Call Room. The show shares all “the hilarious stories, tall tales, hunting adventures, pop culture commentary, and antics you can handle,” according to the podcast description. During the episode, Robertson jokes about the impact 2020 had on him both physically and mentally.

“Alright, 2020 was a bad year because look, I’m only 14. Look what it did to me,” he says pointing to himself.

The family laughs and questions, “14 years old?” To which Robertson, not even cracking a smile, says “Yea, 14-years old. And look what I look like.”

Si Robertson Finds Podcast Fame During The Pandemic

Robertson and the gang decided to start the Duck Call Room podcast in November of this year. In a promo for the episode, the group announces that they’d like to do a podcast and tries to decide what they’re going to talk about.

Si begins by announcing, “We’re fixin’ to do this Duck Room Call podcast.” “What are we going to talk about?” asks a member of the group. “What does Si want to talk about?” asks another. To which someone quickly jokes, “I don’t think asking Si what he wants to talk about is a road we want to go down.”

In true Robertson family-style, the group continues to banter, resolving nothing, as the recording slowly fades out. Clearly, the 90-second intro worked because, in less than a month, Duck Call Room became one of the Top 20 podcasts in the country. Additionally, they were #1 on the podcast charts. Looks like the “Duckaholics” are still just as loyal as when the show, Duck Dynasty, first debuted.