‘Dukes of Hazzard’: Here’s Why the Dukes Carried Compound Bows and Dynamite Arrows in the General Lee

by Will Shepard

For seven years, the Dukes of Hazzard ran wild on television. The show quickly began cultivating a devoted following, one that lasted for years and will last for years. The General Lee is an incredibly important part of the show.

The show is famous for several reasons, some better than others. But, the family that the show centers around is the Dukes. And the Dukes were moonshiners, running alcohol in souped-up vehicles that the police couldn’t catch. There is one car that stands out above the rest, the General Lee.

This car was special for several reasons all having to do with being able to outrun the cops chasing the Duke boys. But, Bo and Luke Duke held a special place in their heart for the car. Because they were moonshiners, the Duke boys needed to be prepared to deal with the police.

During the moonshining era, there were some very specific laws regulating how people could carry weapons. This meant the Duke boys got creative with how they were going to defend themselves while in the General Lee.

The “Dukes of Hazzard” Car, General Lee, Was Outfitted With Serious Weaponry

According to IMDb, the Dukes were loaded to the gills in the General Lee. Their efforts were never disappointing either, having many action-packed interactions with the police.

“The Dukes carried compound bows with dynamite arrows in the trunk of the General Lee, supposedly because they could not possess firearms as a result of probation for bootlegging moonshine.”

Because law enforcement knew exactly what the Dukes were doing, they set up specific regulations for them. It makes sense that the police would do this to mitigate their own risk. But this is the Dukes, and they are ingenious at skirting the law.

The Duke boys loved the General Lee more than their own lives. But, during filming, the cars were getting thrashed because of the stunts they were doing in the cars.

“A lot of cars were crashed during production. Replacing the police sedans was easy, but replacing the “General Lee” was much harder because Dodge stopped making the Charger. It got to the point where if producers saw a Charger on the street, they would approach the owner and offer to buy it on the spot.”

So, while the General Lee was equipped for some serious shoot outs, it never actually became altogether too serious.