‘Dukes of Hazzard’: Johnny Cash Gifted John Schneider His ‘Favorite Jacket’

by Matthew Wilson

“Duke of Hazzard” star John Schneider became good friends with country music legend Johnny Cash on the set of the western “Stagecoach.” So much so, Cash even gave Schneider his favorite jacket.

The two connected while filming “Stagecoach” in the 1980s. And they later performed on stage together. During this era, Schneider considered Cash to be one of his best friends. And the “Dukes of Hazzard” believed the notion was reciprocated by the aging singer. After all, Cash invited Schneider over to his home to look at antiques like Civil War coins.

In a 2018 interview with Nashville Soundbites, Schneider recounted how Cash gave him one of his favorite jackets. It was a duster designed by Manuel. And the country music artist had just got the clothing item after eagerly anticipating it.

“He said, ‘Here, try it on.’ I said, ‘Oh, nah.’ He said, ‘Here try it on. It’s great,'” Schneider recalled. “So I tried this duster on and it was fantastic. I was there in this black duster Manuel had made for Johnny Cash. That didn’t really occur to me. A buddy of mine had just said, ‘Hey try on my coat,’ and I did.”

On the spot, Cash offered the clothing item to Schneider as a gift. And when the Man in Black gives you a jacket, how can you say no?

“I said, ‘But, John, you just told me it’s your favorite,'” Schneider continued. “And this is quintessential Johnny Cash. He said, ‘If it wasn’t my favorite, I wouldn’t give it to you.’”

John Schneider Returns the Favor to Johnny Cash

Months later, John Schneider decided to return the favor and also gift Johnny Cash a duster in return. This jacket had sentimental value for the “Dukes of Hazzard” star. But that’s exactly why Schneider decided to give the jacket to Cash.

Schneider had a jacket made out of blue jeans that his great-grandmother had also patched. He wore the jacket on an album cover also and to fan events as well. Manuel had also designed the jacket for Schneider, which caught Cash’s eye.

He commented on Schneider’s jacket. And the “Dukes of Hazzard” star asked him to try on the duster.

“My great-grandmother did this. This is my favorite piece of clothing I ever had,” Schneider said. And when Cash tried to return it, Schneider refused. “I said, ‘No, no, you keep it.’ And John never forgot anything. So he had a little grin and he said, ‘John Schneider, you just told me it was your favorite.’ And I said, ‘Well if it wasn’t my favorite, I wouldn’t give it to you.'”

As a thank you, Cash ended up wearing the jacket on his next album cover.