Dwayne Johnson and Will Smith Could Star in Buddy Comedy, But The Rock Keeps ‘Avoiding Him’

by John Jamison

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson did a buddy cop movie with Kevin Hart in “Central Intelligence.” Will Smith is part of an iconic buddy cop franchise alongside Martin Lawrence with “Bad Boys.” It’s a proven genre. Plus, Smith and Johnson are two of the most recognizable movie stars in the world right now. So where is their buddy cop movie? Heck, we’d be okay with a buddy movie of any kind if those two are starring in it. But no such luck. Apparently, The Rock is ducking Smith’s calls.

Okay, that’s not precisely what Will Smith said during his appearance on a GQ YouTube series that saw him go undercover on the internet. But he did jokingly say that Dwayne Johnson was “avoiding him.” The video presented Smith with several tweets, comments, and replies that featured random people asking questions about him. It’s safe to say these people did not expect Smith to respond.

The first question was simple. In a tweet from July, a Twitter user named Jenny wrote, “How have The Rock and Will Smith not made a buddy movie yet?”

Will’s response? “That’s- that’s my question. That’s my question. He’s avoiding me. I might have to do an old-school smackdown, walk up on him. I don’t know, I would love to work with The Rock. He’s a beast.”

Something tells us Dwayne Johnson isn’t avoiding Will Smith on purpose. Smith looked amused the entire time he answered. At the end of the day, The Rock is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. So is Will Smith, for that matter. The pair likely have their next few projects lined up already. Even if Dwayne Johnson happens to catch wind of Smith’s comments, it’d be years before we ever saw the buddy movie come out.

Wait, Dwayne Johnson Just Did a Buddy Movie With Ryan Reynolds?

Kevin Hart, Ryan Reynolds… what? Is Will Smith chopped liver or something? Dwayne Johnson already has a buddy-looking movie in the works with Netflix, starring opposite Ryan Reynolds. In fact, the reported $120 million price tag is one of the streaming service’s biggest.

To be fair, “Red Notice” isn’t your run-of-the-mill buddy cop movie. Dwayne Johnson plays an FBI profiler who gets caught up in a heist with a notorious art thief (Gal Gadot) and a scheming conman (Ryan Reynolds).

“This is my career first streaming film and I wanted to make it big and special for all the fans worldwide,” Dwayne Johnson wrote in an Instagram post.

So it’s not exactly a buddy movie in the same way as “Bad Boys.” Speaking of which, according to IMDb, Will Smith is currently in pre-production on “Bad Boys 4.” The pair are all over the buddy genre. They just haven’t had a chance to collaborate.