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Dwayne Johnson Announces XFL Collaboration with NFL to ‘Grow the Game’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Well, it seems that Dwayne Johnson has set the XFL up for success with a new partnership that involves the NFL to “grow the game of football.”

Alright, this has been a long time coming, but it isn’t necessarily a surprise by any means. The XFL and other NFL alternatives in the past have had a big hurdle in front of them all. Competing with the National Football League. This solves all that by the way of “can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” And it makes the most sense. The NFL is clearly in need of some kind of minor league system that isn’t college football.

Other sports have developmental leagues. That’s how you get unknown talent that flourishes later on in leagues like the NBA and MLB. While there are some key differences and clear reasons why these leagues haven’t been viable in the past, now it seems to be coming together.

Dwayne Johnson has been gearing up for this moment. Now, any time you can have the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment on your program, you should do it. But, Rock had been hanging around those NFL circles for the last few weeks. He was on the Manning Cast during the playoffs. He was teasing a Super Bowl appearance that ended up being kind of a question mark. But, it is clear something was happening.

Check out the video below and see it all for yourself. As usual, it looks like Johnson is either about to work out, just worked out, or is in the middle of a workout? You be the judge!

Dwayne Johnson Pumped About XFL/NFL Pairing

It seems that the XFL will be the small feeder league for the NFL, not the United States Football League. That’s a tough break for the Fox Sports-owned league. But, Dwayne Johnson is smiling. And likely all the way to the bank. This very well might be the venture that takes his net worth north of $1 billion.

“Our XFL/NFL relationship runs deep and I’m very happy and motivated for us to align and work closely with the NFL to advance the game we love,” Johnson said in the caption of his video. “Through our core XFL principles [-] INNOVATION & PLAYER DEVELOPMENT on and off the field.”

“And as an XFL owner, my #1 priority will always be taking care of the players and creating as many opportunities as possible for them to live dreams, passions and take care of their families,” the superstar entertainer continued. “This is an exciting and key distinction for our XFL.”

It will be interesting how far this collaboration will go. And, if there was one person to get this deal done, you know it was going to be Dwayne Johnson. The Rock doesn’t take no for an answer, I feel.