Dwayne Johnson Shares Behind-the-Scenes Footage From Olympic Opening Ceremony Shoot

by Hannah Heser

Earlier today, Dwayne Johnson shared an epic behind-the-scenes video on his Twitter account. He is filming a shoot for the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Check out the excitement below.

In the caption of the post, Johnson wrote, “A true honor to rep our US Olympic Athletes to kick off the Opening Ceremonies for our [Olympics.] Very cool to hear from so many athletes & coaches. Life’s defining moment is upon them. Here’s a cool behind-the-scenes piece from our epic shoot.”

In the video, you’ll hear the director ask, “Are we ready here?” And without hesitation, Johnson replies, “We are!”

Then, the upbeat music begins and Johnson shows off his nice dance moves. The Rock is looking sharp throughout the video and the directors did a great job at filming this behind-the-scenes look.

Well, it looks like one user can agree with that statement. They commented, “Awesome opening for the Olympics!”

In addition to the post, the Opening Ceremony will premiere this Friday, February 4 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Don’t miss this once-a-year event and it’s even better this year with The Rock hosting!

Dwayne Johnson is Presenting This Year’s Opening Ceremony at the Winter Olympics

There is not a more perfect star to present this ceremony than Dwayne Johnson. The Olympics team chose him to get things rolling at the Winter Olympics in Beijing. The famous 49-year-old is bringing his unique style into the special.

Additionally, Johnson is starring in the I Dare You film, which is inspired by the Olympics. According to Fox News, The Rock is proud to introduce Team USA before the Winter Olympics begin.

He told the news outlet that these athletes are some of the most talented and dedicated people out there. They go through so much to get to this point and he is inspired by them.

“They have dedicated their lives to their sport, pushing through injuries and personal setbacks, training through the toughest conditions,” Johnson said. “All to rise up and join the elite who have the opportunity to represent their country in the most iconic competition in the world.”

He also revealed how honored he is to take on this huge role.

“It’s my honor to once again be asked to participate in the presentation of the Opening Ceremony,” Johnson said. “And on behalf of our country, I will proudly introduce our U.S. Olympians to the world as they take that first step of defining their legacy.”