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Dwayne Johnson Breaks Out Dance Moves to Celebrate His Mother’s Birthday

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Dwayne Johnson showcased his Samoan culture with a sweet video for his mother’s birthday. The video, posted on Instagram, featured a clip from his mother’s party where she danced surrounded by family and friends. Johnson joined her dance at one point in the clip, and then let her take center stage again.

He explained the special dances in his caption, starting out by writing, “Happy Birthday ‘Mama Rock.'” He went on to describe the day, writing, “We had a beautiful birthday celebrating my mom as she was surrounded by love, appreciation and blessings.”

As for the dances, Johnson wrote, “Here she’s beautifully dancing our Samoan ‘Taualuga’ which is our cultures traditional and highly respected dance.” The Taualuga is often performed as the closing dance after a day of celebration, such as a wedding or a birthday. The dance symbolizes the ending of an important task or project and putting the final, beautiful touches on that project.

“Customary to throw money as I did at my mom,” Johnson continued, “and my dance, ‘Aiuli’ is a sign of respect and pride – and then stand back let her be the main focus and attention.” The word “ai’aiuli,” which describes the dance that Johnson performed, means “to humble oneself so as to draw attention to another.” It is a sign of respect to the central dancer, a deferment to their performance while also showing pride in them. Taualuga-ai’aiuli is often a choreographed duet, but it looks like Dwayne Johnson and his mother had a spontaneous performance.

“I often use the word MANA when describing energy and emotions,” Johnson wrote. “This is mana. You feel it.”

Dwayne Johnson Shows Nashville Some Love

Dwayne Johnson recently shared another Instagram post professing his love, but this time it was for a city. He showcased a few moments from the Great American Mana Mobile Tour, part of the marketing for his tequila brand, Teremana.

He captioned the video, “NASHVILLE, you already know you have a VERY special place in my [heart].” He went on to describe his experiences in Nashville, starting from a young age.

“I lived in Nashville as a kid, then moved back to Nashville when I was a troubled teen hanging out in honky tonk bars on Broad St,” Johnson wrote, “then moved back to Nashville to start my pro wrestling career.” He described serving food and tequila to frontline workers in Nashville as “an absolute honor.”

“As always, your money is NO GOOD at the #ManaMobile,” he wrote. “IT’S ALL FREE. All of it. Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!!!!” And isn’t that just a great mantra for life? Just enjoy; we all deserve to have a positive outlook like Dwayne Johnson’s.