Dwayne Johnson Breaks Out the Chains in Intense Training Video

by Michael Freeman

A mere glance at Dwayne Johnson is enough to tell you the man knows brutal workouts. He illustrated that to be the case yet again recently, breaking out the chains in an intense training video.

Johnson’s latest training video has him once again bringing out the chains. In the Instagram clip, we see him wrapping them around his neck and shoulders. Dips are already a demanding exercise, but the chains add a ton of extra weight and resistance. Nonetheless, he pushes through.

“We got after it. A lil’ behind the scenes shoot training in my NEW @projectrock #SevenBucksCollection. Chain dips with slow negatives to close it out the giant set. Enjoy the new gear. Train hard. Stay Strong,” Johnson captioned the post.

The slow negatives he mentioned are when you see him going down which requires immense strength and concentration. Making the workout even more brutal is the fact he was doing giant sets. A superset is doing two exercises working the same muscle group back to back. A giant set, on the other hand, is four, meaning his arms are probably ready to fall off.

Johnson’s fans are eating it up too. “I’m starting to feel like he’s the real-life version of Goku,” someone commented, referencing the iconic Dragon Ball character. Another suggested working with Under Armour for gear. “Hey Rock u need to see if Under Armor will make some of them chains with your brand on it that would be awesome bro.”

The Rock and Under Armour making exercise clothing and equipment? Sign me up.

Dwayne Johnson Received an Adorable Makeover from his Daughter Right Before his Christmas Eve Workout

The above video shows Dwayne Johnson can likely handle any kind of training regimen you can throw at him. But what if the workout comes from his daughter in the form of a makeover? Ahead of his Christmas Eve workout last year, The Rock endured possibly the most adorable workout of his life.

Johnson’s training doesn’t stop, even for holidays, but it does seem to come second to his daughter. Ahead of his Christmas Eve workout, his youngest daughter Jasmine (dubbed the “littlest tornado”) gave him an early gift in the form of a makeover. Posting the video to Instagram, we see him enjoying eye shadow, sparkles, and so much more.

“Eye shadow, then the sparkle?” Johnson said as his daughter gave him unparalleled beauty. “Well, I don’t know how it looks, but it sure feels really amazing.”

Indeed, it looks as good as it feels. Accruing more than 10 million views, the overwhelming majority of Johnson’s followers agree he pulls off the look splendidly.

I think he could have used more eye shadow, but that’s probably why I’m not on Jasmine’s level yet.