Dwayne Johnson Buzzing with Excitement as XFL Makes Major Moves

by Jonathan Howard

It seems that the XFL is taking one more step to coming back. Dwayne Johnson made a big announcement today. The multifaceted superstar is part of the ownership team bringing the alternative football league back.

Fans have always loved the XFL. The different rules and unsuspecting stars make it intriguing. The latest iteration of the league didn’t go as planned. However, it did give a lot of players a chance to display their talent. Now, The Rock and a leadership team are putting the pieces together at the executive level.

Check out this Instagram post below.

“Exciting @XFL pres announcement and quote from our XFL Chairwoman @danygarciaco as we build out our football organization with key hires at the executive level,” the post caption said.

Once the fans started to react positively to the post, The Rock updated the caption.

“Very cool to see everyone’s excited reactions to these announcements. THANK YOU. More exciting announcement to come! Step by step, we’re building our XFL business, brand and culture for an exciting 2023 KICKOFF. With humility, excitement, passion and a love for the game of football.”

Dwayne Johnson and the rest of the team are hoping that the league is able to have long-term success. Starting a new sports league is not easy. There have been few alternative pro sports leagues in the past. However, this does seem like the age of expansion in that space. There seem to be a lot of options for athletes nowadays.

For fans of the XFL, 2023 cannot come soon enough.

Dwayne Johnson Doesn’t Go to the Gym as Much

During his younger years, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spent hours in the gym. You don’t look like he does without putting in the work. However, in recent years, he has been spending less time at the gym. It isn’t because he is getting lazy, but because he is changing up the way he does things with his workout.

Unless you are still looking to change the look and physique of your body, working out constantly isn’t necessarily what you want. To maintain fitness, grueling work isn’t always needed. So, Johnson doesn’t go to the gym every day.

“I’ve been feeling that for the past two, three years, so I train differently,” he said when sharing his thoughts on how he used to work out.

“But there’s always some activity that I enjoy and I do enjoy going to the gym… It’s like when you go for a hike or you actually go do something, I think it’s the physicality of actually going to do the action of it.”

For Dwayne Johnson, it comes down to just putting in the work, plain and simple.