Dwayne Johnson Celebrates His Tequila Brand on National Margarita Day

by Amanda Glover

On Tuesday, otherwise known as National Margarita Day, Dwayne Johnson has something extra special to celebrate!

In a recent post to The Rock’s Instagram, the former wrestler sports his signature smile as he celebrates his tequila brand.

Part of his caption reads, “THANK YOU for these images (and incredible recognition) on this special @TEREMANA TUESDAY & NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY.”

“As Founder & Chairman of Siete Bucks Spirits ~ the company that produces our award-winning and record-breaking TEREMANA TEQUILA, I am extremely GRATEFUL of our incredibly talented, driven & PROUD TEAM of tequila makers in Mexico and our global distributors,” his post continues.

You might be wondering what makes Johnson’s tequila, Teremana, so special. What separates it from other fancy brands? Well, lucky for you, the “Red Notice” star has an answer ready. Quality, taste, affordability, and the fact that it is made in Mana. And most of all, “a deep-rooted connection and trust between myself and the people.”

What Inspired Dwayne Johnson to Create His Tequila Brand?

Last March, Dwayne Johnson launched his Teremana tequila brand. Since then, the special drink continues to be a crowd favorite. Not only has he found a passion in the ring and front of a camera, but also with tequila.

Since the release of his special drink, it’s become one of the most popular celebrity spirits in the market.

With the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affecting production and promotion, Johnson was grateful to be able to release a third Teremana drink.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the “Jungle Cruise” actor discussed breaking into the business of tequila. He also discussed how much the brand means to him and his family.

When asked about his initial hopes and expectations after first launching Teremana, all Johnson wished for others to enjoy it as much as he does.

“My family and I have been consumers of tequila for many years. The hopes and expectations initially were just to make a tequila that people enjoyed,” he explained. “That was the bottom line; that was always my north star. I can speak confidently for our entire team that that’s what it really distilled down to – to create and deliver a tequila, that hopefully, fingers crossed, people would really love and enjoy.”

As many know, such as the interviewer, several other celebrities chose to launch their own brand of tequila. So, what makes Dwayne Johnson’s brand stand out from the others? Luckily, he had an answer all ready to go.

“I am personally connected to this brand, and it means something to me,” Johnson said. “I created our Teremana Tequila for what I like to say, are ‘the good times, the not so good times, and everything in between. And that’s what people are responding to.”