Dwayne Johnson Confesses to His Shower Habits: ‘I Sing Off Key’

by Clayton Edwards

Recently, several celebrities have opened up about their bathing habits. Shockingly, some of the biggest stars in Hollywood aren’t big on showering. In fact, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis carry that over to their children. They are of the firm belief that if they can’t “see dirt,” on their kids, there’s no reason to bathe them. In fact, Kunis said that she never bathed her children when they were newborns. They aren’t the only celebs who have recently opened up about not bathing regularly. Jake Gyllenhaal is in that camp as well. The Brokeback Mountain star believes that humans naturally clean themselves. One celebrity who is not in that camp is Dwayne Johnson. In fact, the Rock might be the cleanest man in Hollywood.

After all of the talk of celebrities who do not bathe came to the surface, one Twitter user wanted to know about Dwayne Johnson’s bathing habits.

In a tweet, she said that she and her co-workers had been talking at length about celebrities who didn’t bathe. However, they unanimously decided that Dwayne Johnson couldn’t possibly be one of the “stinky,” celebs. Furthermore, her entire workplace would be “weirdly heartbroken,” to find out that they were wrong about Johnson. If they ever get to smell what the Rock is cooking, they don’t want it to smell like body odor.

Dwayne Johnson Keeps It Clean

Dwayne Johnson replied to her tweet with some reassuring words. The wrestler-turned-actor said, “Nope, I’m the opposite of a “not washing themselves celeb.” The Rock went on to talk about his bathing habits.

When gets out of bed in the morning, Dwayne Johnson takes a cold shower. In the tweet, he said that it was his way of getting his day rolling. Then, he hits the gym before work. After his workout, he takes a warm shower.

Dwayne Johnson winds down with a hot shower after work. However, he doesn’t just let the water do all the work. He went on to say that he uses separate face and body wash to get the job done. Going a step further, he said he exfoliates. While he’s doing all that, he sings off-key in the shower.

Dwayne Johnson’s Twitter followers showed up in his replies with nothing but praise for his bathing habits.

Several people said that the fact that Dwayne Johnson keeps himself clean is obvious. They cited his near-perfect complexion and the fact that he hits the gym more often than some celebrities hit the shower.

A couple of his followers brought up the fact that Johnson used to shower before matches while he was in the WWE (then, WWF). One noted that Dwayne Johnson mentioned that habit in his autobiography and said that one of his fellow wrestlers gave him grief about it.

However, one reply summed it all up nicely. It said, “This is exactly what I would expect from a legend.”